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F.O.X.E.S by M.A. Bennett Blog Tour

Today on the blog I have a guest post by M.A. Bennett, author of new book F.O.X.E.S! Answering this awesome question:

What you enjoy most about writing a book set in a boarding school

I’ve always loved boarding school books. As a kid I read Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers obsessively, then graduated to the more mature Kingscote series by Antonia Forest, possibly the best boarding school books out there. I think I secretly wanted to go to one, because I was at a comprehensive school in rural Yorkshire. My school was very good, but boarding school just seemed so fun and glamorous, and it was easy to dream about escaping to one if I wasn’t having a good day.

The really fun thing about creating my own school was the element of world building – it was like Minecraft for the mind! I could use my imagination to construct the ideal boarding school, and I borrowed from everywhere – the chapel from King’s College Cambridge and the theatre from London’s bankside. Hot Key books did this brilliant thing where they created a glossy prospectus for STAGS exactly as if it were a real school, complete with maps, uniform list and Abbot’s welcome letter! It was such fun to invent all the archaic traditions, from the ancient uniforms to the monastic staff.

Doesn’t it sound amazing? I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of F.O.X.E.S! It’s the third in the STAGS series and is out now, published by Hot Key Books!

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