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Extract and Giveaway: Zom-B Mission by Darren Shan

Today I am sharing with you the second extract of a chapter from Darren Shan’s Latest novel, Zom-B Mission. This is the 7th book in the Zom-B series and sounds creepy and awesome, just like his others! Go to THIS BLOG To read the first extract. You can also enter a giveaway draw to win a complete set of the Zom-B books by filling in the form below. Enjoy! 
Also, Darren Shan will be appearing at the Cambridge Literary Festival this weekend, on Saturday 5th April at 4pm. The festival runs from tomorrow, April 1st through to April 6th and the full programme can be found here. Tickets for the event can be bought here or in person at ADC Theatre, Cambridge. 


Wary of Dr Oystein and his religious beliefs, B left his base in County Hall. Returning to the studio of her artist friend, Timothy, she discovered him nurs- ing an eerie, genderless baby with hellish eyes. She had dreamt of babies like this when she was alive. It even spoke the same way that the babies in her night- mares had.
There was a spike through the baby’s head. When B removed it, the baby shrieked and summoned a horde of zombies from the streets. They killed Timothy and took the baby away. Before it departed, it asked B to come with them, but she wanted nothing to do with the monstrous infant.
After she’d buried Timothy, B made her way back to County Hall and pledged herself to Dr Oystein and his cause. She was now willing to grant him the benefit of the doubt, seeing the baby from her dreams as possible evidence that this was a world of mysterious, godly influence.
B trained hard with the other Angels. She didn’t trust them all – especially a thug called Rage, who had betrayed her in the underground complex – and spurned their offers of friendship, not wanting to get close to anyone after she had lost so many friends and relatives.
One day, while on a scouting mission, she was kid- napped by a living hunter. He delivered her to the Board, a group of powerful tyrants who made her fight and kill other zombies. B seemed doomed until Dr Oystein and his Angels boarded the ship and set her free. When she saw how they had risked their lives to help her, she put her misgivings aside and committed herself totally to the cause. She had at last found a true home, and friends to share it with.


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