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Everybunny dance – Ellie Sandall

Spike reading Everybunny Dance by Ellie Sandall “Nobody is watching. Now’s the perfect chance. Ready bunny, steady bunny, 


A delightfully exuberant story about friendship and looking beyond appearances from a talented young picture book creator. Did you know that bunnies love to dance? Did you know they love to sing and play the flute? There’s a lot they get up to when nobody’s watching! But while they’re having fun, they don’t notice that a fox is creeping nearer.


Oh I loved this book. It’s a strong, fast rhyming book all about bunnies who dance and have fun until a fox comes along. They hide and everything goes a little slower while they work out what to do. But as the fox dances his pirouette, they realise he’s just like them and he’s lonely. 

I love how fast and fun the rhyming was and how it could easily be incorporated into a game for children to join in with. The pace of the rhythm made me jiggle and wiggle in time and want to clap my hands. It’s playful and dance-y as the name of the book suggests! 

My favourite thing about this book was the art. It’s bright and eye catching. I loved the stars on the pages and how they seemed to add movement to it all. We read the book together and spike loved pointing out all the ‘babbits’ and the Fox especially. She also spied a badger on the last page that I had missed which was cute! 

I also loved the message that the book gave out. Bunnies should be scared of foxes and they are usually their predators but the bunnies got over that because they saw how lonely the fox was. It was a nice message to put across. 

Everybunny Dance was published in December 2016 by Hodder Children’s Books. My copy was given to me from my local library as part of Booktrust’s National Bookstart Week. 

For more information or to buy the book please visit: 

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