Envy – Gregg Olsen

“Water gushed out of the corroded faucet into the chipped, porcelain tub, pooling at the bottom with a few tangled strands of long brown hair. The water was easily 120 degrees. So hot that Katelyn Berkley could hardly stand to dip her painted green toenails into it. The scalding water instantly turned her pale skin mottled shades of crimson.”
When Katelyn Berkley is found dead in her bathtub the small town of Port Gamble everyone suspects suicide, that’s what the rumour mill carries at least. But twin sisters Hayley and Taylor Ryan believe different, they weren’t close to Katelyn but that’s because she’d pushed them away – they were all close at one time. While everyone is in shock and grieving for the young girl Hayley and Taylor try to uncover the truth, but what they find may uncover more than just what happened to Katelyn.

Envy was an interesting read and I’m so glad I still gave it a shot even though one of my wonderful blogging friends really didn’t like it (we usually agree on books!) It really kept me on my toes and I was constantly thinking and putting together the pieces. I love a book that makes you really think and Envy does do that!
I loved the story. A crime story is the perfect thing for my to watch on TV but usually I don’t read them beucase they go too far, too deep. I liked how balanced Envy was and how there were obvious thriller/crime elements but it wasn’t crazy and full on. I thought the subject was done well and I often wondered before I read it how crime and murder would fit into a YA novel but with the addition of a slightly paranormal thing going on I loved it!
Different people like different things from books and to be honest if you are the type of person who loves characters to be perfect and nice and kind this book isn’t for you. All the characters in this book are messed up, SERIOUSLY messed up. They are quite often mean and vindictive too. Katelyn dies at the beginning so we don’t know her, but her mother’s an alcoholic, her father’s noticeably absent even when present, Starla is full on bitch, as is Beth, though Beth has reason. The adults in the town all seem to have something wrong with them and then there’s the crash that we find out happened early on in the book but aren’t fully told about until alter. Port Gamble seems to be fully messed up to be honest and the only normal-ish people are the twins and their family. The twins are lovely but even so they have aspects of their personality which aren’t nice. There isn’t a single nice character in this book. But I kinda liked it!
The way this book is written is twisted, it runs off on tangents, it is a non-liner narrative  and some people may not like that. I liked it, it really keeps your on your toes, I was quite literally begging to know what was going to happen the entire way through the book and I couldn’t rest until I did know. It’s not exactly an easy read because of this and I did have to read carefully so its not a book to pick up when you want something quick and easy.
Envy was definitely an on-the-edge-of-your-seat kinda book and I did really enjoy it. I saw a couple of things coming but I think that’s because the clues were given out at just the right time, so that the story didn’t drag out. I did think a couple of things weren’t done as well as they could have been if I’m honest, it’s a book set in modern day but I didn’t like the reference that were made, some of them really didn’t seem to add up and some characters actions and attitudes didn’t match up to things that were said about them in places. This was only one small thing though and it wasn’t for that then thing book would have been a five star-er for me!
Envy was released in October by Splinter, a Sterling publishing imprint. My copy was acquired through the UK Book Tours site.


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