Emma Hearts LA – Keris Stainton

It’s not enough that Emma’s best friend moved to New York a year ago, or that her parents split up a few months back, now her life has to change dramatically again because her mums got a new job – in LA. Emma’s not thrilled about moving to practically the other side of the world but what else can she do? Stay with the Dad she’s mad at? That’s not happening! 

So off they go, for a new life, Emma’s mum settles in great, loving work and getting her life back on track, Emma’s sister gets a meeting with a casting agent and starts auditions for the glamorous world of teenage movies and Emma doesn’t have a clue what to do, at least she’s got childhood friend Oscar to help her out… But when things start getting a little strange between them and hot celeb Alex seems to take an interest in Emma she’s even more confused than ever! 

You all know how much I love Keris’ books, she a brilliant author and an awesome person, I was amazed when she sent me one of the first to be viewed copies of her new book, I think I bounced across the house in all honesty and I was right to be excited because this book is awesome, it’s a great feel good coming of age kinda story and you will be mad if you don’t love it! 
First of all let me give you a bit of a background on something; I don’t like love triangles, not unless they are done well, so when Keris mentioned it was about a love triangle I was terrified! I didn’t know what to say! However now I’ve read it I’m all kinds of happy because whilst there is a bit of a love triangle, there is soooo much more to Emma than the romance! 
The books all about Emma’s struggle to find herself, not in some hippy way or anything but she realises that there’s so much going on in other people’s lives yet she’s not got anything going on in hers. I loved that there was that aspect and also the struggle to come to terms with her parents break up and her dad moving in with another woman. I can imagine this is a very hard thing for teens to deal with and I know I would probably react the same way Emma did so I loved reading about her struggles and how she overcomes them. 
The writing is brilliant and I honestly felt like I was walking through the streets of LA with Emma at times, I think what made this book work so well is the description and genuine feeling you get from the writing. I could tell that Keris had seen the things Emma had seen and the mention of crazy street entertainers and just general people on the beachfront was awesome!! 
Another thing that makes the book awesome is the characters. They are really well developed and you get the feeling that they have huge back stories and things like that. Emma’s mum is lovely and I liked the way she spoke to Emma, treating her as a daughter but also as a responsible being, she was happy to just talk and not nag, or be too embarrassing! At the mention of her mum and dad at university I found myself wondering what kind of people they were then and which uni they went to and things like that. I also loved the passion and excitement that seeped our of Bex’s character. She was just brilliant, the perfect little sister, slightly bonkers and dorky but you gotta love her! Alex seemed really genuine and mature and I couldn’t get over the way he handled himself. Then there’s Jessie who dips in and out of the book which I really liked because I loved her story from Keris’ previous book and she was just the same but grown! Emma was the great friend that she was in Jessie’s story but we got more of her which I loved, I wanted more of her in Jessie <3’s NYC and I’m so glad we got this book because it made me love Emma even more! She’s strong and says what she thinks but never in a nasty way, she’s just honest and I loved her for that! I loved that she’s not ashamed of herself. I did think there was one particular part of the book where she may have acted like a stroppy teen but I think she knew she wasn’t being reasonable really. 
Finally we have Oscar (sorry he needed his own paragraph!)… oh Oscar… me and Laura AKA Sisterspooky will fight to the death for you! You are amazing and dorky and cute and blush at everything but you are still so confident despite what your body suggests and I think you are my favourite love interest ever! You are so happy with the way you are that you don’t mind going out in questionable outfits and singing crazy stories! You were also not ashamed to nearly say something extremely dorky the first time you spoke to a girl you haven’t seen in years and yet have always been besotted with. You rock the Bazinga tee and I love your rockstar-esque red hair, even if you didn’t do it to look like a rockstar! 
All in all, I think you guys get the gist that I LOVED this book. It’s amazing and there’s so much going on that you can’t help but get involved in it all. I loved Emma and her family and friends and the way the story panned out. I could not love this book more so I have to say that EVERYONE should go buy it!! 
Emma <3’s LA is Keris Stainton’s third book; it will be published on June 7th by Orchard Books. My copy was sent to me by the author, not for review but for my own reading pleasure! 


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