Emma Hearts LA book launch

A very blurry table with Keris’ awesome books, biscuits, cakes and Reese’s Pieces.

On Thursday 7th June I was so happy to attend the book launch party for Emma Hearts LA by Keris Stainton. Any reader to the blog will know how much I love this book, I was lucky enough to get hold of a copy before it was even printed and now I have a shiny finished copy to add to my collection!

It was a really great night with lots of mingling and bookish discussion between myself, Laura AKA Sister Spooky, Bungle from Midnight Reads, Tanya Byrne, Tom and Laura Clempson, Steffi, Nikki, Kelly and others! Keris was busy for a lot of the night but I managed to have a little chat with her, and then we got her to the pub after in one piece!

I never realised how busy book launches are and there were so many people came along to congratulate Keris and buy the book. We got a few stares from other people in the store but I’m hoping they were intrigued enough to find out what was going on and buy copies of Keris’ awesome books!! We had wine and drinks and snacky bits too and I tried Reese’s Pieces cupcakes for the first time ever, why didn’t anyone tell me how amazing they are!!

We chatted and chatted then Keris signed a few books, having to sit down for that because her (awesome) shoes were killing her feet! Then we got kicked out of the shop. I think they wanted us out for a while before we actually cottoned on but have you ever tried to move a bunch of authors, book bloggers and book fans out of a book shop? It’s hard, we forget there’s other people around, wanting to go on with their day-to-day lives!

Anyway, we left the shop and went to an AMAZING pub in Manchester, If you ever find yourself in Manchester in search for a pub I recommend The Mitre! We sat and had a chat in there about books, movies, actors and coronation street of all things! It was such a laid back end to the evening and that made me love it all the more!

I had such a great night and it felt so special being there with Keris for her event after everything she did, sending me an early copy and mentioning me in the acknowledgments. Keris is an awesome lady and her books are so good, I love reading them!

Thanks to Waterstones Arndale for having us and to Keris for an awesome event and signing my book for me!

PS you can read event write ups from Keris herself and Laura via these links!


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