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Elliot Allagash – Simon Rich

He just sat there, writing. Sometimes he ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook, crumpled in up and tossed it onto the floor. And once in a while he snapped his fingers before jotting something down with a flourish.” 

From the minute you start reading this book you can tell that Elliot is not a normal boy. He’s introduced by Seymour telling his parents that Elliot had pushed him down the stairs, and Seymour’s parents throw this comment away by telling him that Elliot was rich. It was like wealth was Elliot’s reason for pushing someone down the stairs, or for the strange things he did.
I was convinced that there was something magical about Elliot while I was witnessing him changing Seymour’s life. I was convinced he was some kind of fairy godmother sent to help Seymour out. It turns out that I was wrong, Elliot isn’t magical, he’s just powerful, but I suppose power is just like magic, you can do nearly anything with power! I think the main thing you can’t get with power however is strong relationships, this came across with Elliot and his father. It upset me a bit that Elliot didn’t seem to understand that underneath it all his father was actually a caring person. Maybe Elliot was just too mean to understand it, he just wanted to treat everyone like a toy, but I liked Elliot’s dad a lot.
I often think that the smaller characters in a book should be important too, they should have their own personalities and not just be there as a backdrop. I loved that there were very important aspects to the smaller characters in the book as well as the two main characters. As well as Elliot’s dad, Seymour’s dad played a great part and Ashley is probably the coolest person in Seymour’s school towards the end of it all. 
I loved the coming of age aspect of this book, that’s was what made me want to read the book. There were many parts of it where I couldn’t believe what Seymour was doing but I guess that’s what shy, geeky, teenage boys will do if they know it’ll get them the thing they want the most, girls and popularity!! I wanted to know where everything was leading so much that I read the book in just a couple of sittings. It was exciting and fast paced and as always with a good book, I was happy to get to the end to find out what happens but also sad because it was over!
I did think the book might be a little bit too guy-based, but in reflection I reckon it’s for anyone who knows what like as a teenager is like and who knows that during this strange time in your life there’s gunna be people out there who are stranger than you! 

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