Dream Bookish Destinations Thanksgiving Guest Post

Today I have the wonderful Emma from Book Angel Booktopia talking about the destination for her dream Thanksgiving dinner

So following the Thanksgiving Menu at The Emancipation of Pewter Wolf and the fantasy dinner
Party at Serendipity Reviews we really needed somewhere to hold this shindig [ : D ]

Being a proud welsh woman and book obsessed with a love of historical architecture where better to
hold the Dinner Party than:

The National Library of Wales

Is it just gorgeous? It is in Aberystwyth – which is not close to where I live at all contrary to popular
belief Wales is quite big [ : p ] I would love to go there.

I will let Raimy tell you about the architecture as I know nothing about it only what I like and do not
like (old = good, modern = bad)
Hehe, Thank you Emma and although it really is a gorgeous turn of the 19th century building I will just include a little from online and the NWL website below! 

The National Library of Wales was designed by architect Sidney Greenslade who won a competition to design the building in 1909, the building at Grogythan, off Penglais Hill, was first occupied in 1916. The central block, or corps de logis, was added by Charles Holden to a modified version of Greenslade’s design. Since then a number of additions have bene made to the site including a new storage building in 1996 and changes to the front elevation. A new Royal Charter was granted in 2006.

Leading Welsh people and Members of Parliament worked hard to establish a National Library and a National Museum. In 1905 the government promised money in its Budget, and the Privy Council appointed a committee to decide on the location of the two institutions. Aberystwyth was selected as the location of the Library partly because a collection was already available in the College. Sir John Williams, physician and book collector, had also said he would present his collection to the Library if it were established in Aberystwyth. Cardiff was selected as the location of the National Museum. Both the Library and Museum were established by Royal Charter on the same day, 19 March 1907. (taken from www.llgc.org.uk)

You can find out more about the National Library of Wales at http://www.llgc.org.uk


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