Dream Bookish Destinations (#5) – York Maze 2011

Welcome to Dream Bookish Destinations. This is a feature in which I lust over Bookish Destinations across the world.

What is it?  York Maze 

Where is it? Elvington Lane, York

History: York Maze, just outside of the beautiful city of York, is a summer attraction with a difference; It changes every year.Its open from mid July to early September and its a perfect place to take the kids. 
the Maze itself is created from over 1.5million maize plants and it’s one of the largest mazes in the world – covering an area bigger than 15 Wembley football pitches… so I reckon it probably takes a while to get around! 

Why I want to go there: As you can see this years theme for the maze is a bookish theme… its a Harry Potter theme in fact. I think it looks amazing and even though its technically not a bookish destination all of the time, this year it is! 
I would love to know that I’m walking across the bridge of Harry’s nose or down the tips of Harry fringe and you have to admit, they’ve done a bloody good job of it too! 
You may wonder why there are two Harrys… Its because York Maze is also running a spot the difference campaign for its visitors, you can even play it online! There are four differences to the two pictures.


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