Dream Bookish Destinations (#4) – Seven Stories

Welcome to Dream Bookish Destinations. This is a feature in which I lust over Bookish Destinations across the world.

What is it?  Seven Stories

Where is it? Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle, 

History: Seven Stories was opened in 2005 after the Centre For Children’s Books (as it was known then) contacted the previous owners of the building, a printing union and asked them to think about selling the building to accommodate a children’s centre which could showcase a national collection of authors manuscripts and illustrations for children. 
The Centre is run by a registered charity and has a wide range of exhibitions and events on throughout the year. Currently there is an exhibition called “There’s Nuffin Like a Puffin” which celebrates the 70 year anniversary of Puffin books and the “Daydreams and Diaries” event, launching in October, will be the first ever exhibition dedicated to Jacqueline Wilson, which is awesome because we all know she deserves the recognition she gets! 

Why I want to go there: It sounds like an amazing place to visit. The building got a £4.5 million refurbishment just before it opened in 2055 and it was fully designed to run as an exciting place for children and teens to come to explore literature! The white part of the building, that you can see above is inspired by the shape of an open book apparently and I can kinda see where they are coming from with that! Also when you walk in there are eight award pieces of art etched into the walls of award-winning illustrators. 
I love Newcastle as a city and I am gutted I didn’t know this place existed until after I moved away. I must get myself back over there soon to visit the centre as it sounds like so much fun! I might have to get over there for the Jacqueline Wilson exhibition actually.. as she’s on of my heroes! 

PS. I will be guest posting over at Heaven, Hell and Purgatory this week discussing my 3 top summer dream bookish destinations as a part of their Summer Lovin’ month! 


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