Dream Bookish Destinations (#3) – The “Real” Diagon Alley

Welcome to Dream Bookish Destinations. This is a feature in which I lust over Bookish Destinations across the world. On top of my love for books I love architecture and design so please don’t be surprised if I start blabbering about the actual buildings in this feature as I probably will do that! 

What is it? The “real” Diagon Alley Cecil Court 

Where is it? London, England 

History: Cecil Court is a gorgeous little street just off Leicester Square in London. It has often been linked with famous literary and non-literary figures such as poets WH Davies, Rupert Brooke and Edwin Thomas, film director Cecil Hepworth. Residents of the court have also included Mozart and John Gielgud. In current day it features a whole range book shops, from those specialising in antiquarian books to one dealing in specialist children’s and illustrated books. 

Why I want to go there: It is thought that Cecil court is the place where JK Rowling got her inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. I’ve searched and searched but I cant find any direct link for Rowling to Cecil court but I wouldn’t mind visiting anyway to be honest because its beautiful! The shop fronts haven’t been changed in over a century and its all old style shops. I would love to wander down this street and see if I feel any connection to Diagon Alley myself! 


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