Dream Bookish Destinations (#1) – Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Welcome to Dream Bookish Destinations. This is my new feature in which I lust over Bookish Destinations across the world. On top of my love for books I love architecture and design so please don’t be surprised if I start blabbering about the actual buildings in this feature as I probably will do that! 
What is it? Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Where is it? Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon

History: Well, this was the house where it is believed Shakespeare was born and grew up in, around 1560 odd! It’s unknown when exactly but he was baptised in 1564 so sometime around then! For over 250 years people have visited the house, including other famous writers such as Dickens and Hardy.
Why I want to go there: For one it’s Shakespeare’s house?! Come on, who wouldn’t want to go there?! I know we’re all forced to read Shakespeare and pretty much nothing else at school and I admit by sixth form I was practically screaming “OMG there are other poets and playwrights you know!!!” but I can’t deny the magic of William Shakespeare’s words and to think I could tread the same floorboards as him for just a few minutes, awesome! The house is a half-timber structure with the timber frame showing through the rendering and I love those types of houses, it has been beautifully reconstructed over the years and is very well looked after. I think it would be awesome to see the eaves that Shakespeare saw every morning when he woke up! 


  • booketta

    We visited Stratford a couple of years ago and did Shakespeare’s house. A lovely place, I would love to return to see the new theatre.

  • Hanna

    Oh, I’ve been here, it’s absolutely tiny. It’s a nice place to visit, but the Globe Theatre in London is even more amazing. I visited Rome last year and stumbled into an exact replica smack bang in the middle of a random park for some reason though.

  • Clover

    Oh what a fab new feature! I really love it. Every time I see a blogger write a post about the author homes or whatever that they’ve been to I feel really jealous and also an itch to visit these places. I’ve been here, it’s really pretty and the gardens were quite nice. I think like a previous commenter mentioned, The Globe theatre in London is also amazing.

    Last year (or was it the year before?) I visited the house where the Brontes lived. It felt incredible to be there.

    I’m taking the boys to one of my favourite places this summer: Pooh Country. It’s just a forest (HUNDRED ACRE WOOD) where AA Milne took inspiration from. But I went there years ago and played pooh sticks with N and it was just a fun, fantastic place to be. And as we’ve been reading Winnie the Pooh to the boys, I thought they’d enjoy it.

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