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Dragon Detective: That’s A Wrap – Gareth P Jones

When Holly and her family fly to L.A. for a holiday, it promises to be the trip of a lifetime. On her first day exploring the city of dreams, Holly befriends a movie director, who’s captured something suspiciously dragon-like on camera while filming out in the desert. But before she can examine the tape properly, it goes missing. . .

Holly asks her partner-in-solving-crime, dragon detective Dirk Dilly, to join her on the hunt for clues in Hollywood. Will they be able to find the film before it falls into the wrong hands and exposes the existence of dragon-kind to the world?


I love Gareth P Jones’ work, it never fails to make me laugh, and I feel like I’m going on an adventure in every story.

This is the 4th in the Dragon Detective Series, the whole series was published 2007 but has recently gone under a revamp. So if you come across the Dragon Detective Agency series and the Dragon Detective books, I believe these are the same. I read ‘School’s Out’ last year which was the second in the series and then skipped the 3rd and read this one next. Thankfully you get a lot of little flashbacks to tell you about the things that happened and this book tied in well with the second due to the reappearance of Callum and Petal Moses.

This was another great adventure with lots of twists and turns and mild peril. I loved being with Dirk and Holly again and was glad to get more of Archie, Holly’s best friend. I wasn’t sure what was going on with his family and feel like maybe that was related to something which happened in an earlier book that I missed. But all in all I really enjoyed it.

The book is mostly set in Hollywood, making it even more impressive than the other books for a little one who knows about the limelight. Everything feels more exciting when its set abroad when you are a kid doesn’t it? And That’s a Wrap spends time in Hollywood recording studios and mentions the infamous sign a number of times.

There’s humour, adventure, friendship and more. There was a particularly tense moment when I thought a main character was gone. But thankfully that didn’t happen. It was once again the most perfect book that 9 year old me would have adored. I can’t wait for Spike to be old enough to read this kind of book because I know she will love every moment.

Dragon Detective: That’s a Wrap! was published in January 2021 by Little Tiger. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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