Double Cross – Malorie Blackman

***Double Cross is the fourth and final book in the Noughts and Crosses series. Please note that this review may contain spoilers for the previous books***

“The Glock 23 felt heavy and seductively comfortable in my hand. The pearl stock, warmed by my body heat, fitted snuggly against my palm. I now held McAudley’s custom-made semi-automatic.

A real honest-to-God gun in my hand. 
A proper killing machine. 
Or was that me? Where did I stop and the gun start? I really couldn’t tell any more. 

Now what?”

Callie Rose’s life has been shot to pieces. A bomb blast has killed her Nana Jasmine and everyone believes a nought terrorist was to blame, but Callie knows that’s not the truth. Its eating her from the inside but her best friend Tobey is there for her, there to help her through the guilt. Except he has his own problems, a nought boy stuck in a cross world, he has nothing and despite working hard to get into a good school and having a plan for the future Tobey knows life isn’t so easy. When Tobey is offered a little bit of cash for helping out a ‘friend’ delivering packages for head Gangster he jumps at the chance, after all, a bit of money will really help right now. What Tobey doesn’t realise is that the small decision to help his friend one Friday night will change more than just his bank balance.

Well, this is it, the conclusion to the fantastic and brilliant Noughts and Crosses series did not disappoint. I mentioned at the beginning of the week that this is a re-read and to be honest, for the most part it was, however I don’t actually think you can class this as a re-read on the grounds that Double Cross is the only book in the series that I’d only read once before, and quite a while ago so I could barely remember anything about it!
I loved the story in Double Cross, I said in my review of Checkmate that I thought that the series was originally meant to be a trilogy and to be honest Double Cross is kinda separate from the rest of the series, because its more about Tobey than Callie, Callum and Sephy. Its set in the same world and the events of Checkmate have shaped the characters in Double Cross, however I think it stands very well on its own with only a few references to the previous books and those none integral to the plot or carefully explained. I loved that Double Cross is a romance, action, crime and thriller all thrown into one with who-done-it aspects and gangs and bent police officers. It was a great action packed book in places and in others it was an awesome contemporary love story. Each and every aspect of the story was so well done and the way everything was integrated was brilliant. 
I loved Tobey at the beginning. He was such a sweet, clever, careful character and you could tell how much he cared for Callie Rose. Once the story developed a bit and one of the main things happens it focusses more and more on Tobey and it was here where I started worrying for Tobey, his character became quite mean and revengeful and he didn’t recover until right towards the end. Its hard to say anything without spoiling the plot but I hated Tobey in some parts of this book and it was very difficult to read the events from his point of view at times! Callie Rose was much better in Double Cross than she was in the previous book, she wasn’t as self deprecating and she felt strongly towards Tobey, especially after what happened in Checkmate. I loved the way her character was throughout this book and wanted her to be there for Tobey when he needed it as well. The other characters in the book are really quite minor, you have the gang heads, McAuley and The Dowds, then Dan and Sephy and Meggie, Tobey’s Mum and Sister, Jess, also put in an appearance but most things focus on tobey and Callie. I loved the danger aspect each and every time The Dowds and McAuley were on the page, I could feel the power radiating from them and I couldn’t put the book down because of them! I really loved Tobey’s mum and the relationship he had with his sister was quite sweet really, I also enjoyed that they had their own side to the story. 
My edition of Double Cross
Double Cross had everything going for it except I think I did start tiring of getting everything from Tobey’s point of view towards the end of the middle section of the story. I loved the cross perspectives in the previous books and think that they work so well with the story and at times I wanted to know more about the world and what was going on than what Tobey could inform me of. Other than this though Double Cross was a brilliant addition to the series and tied up a couple of lose ends from Checkmate but stands well on its own too. I can definitely say that I am going to miss this series until my next read and its still safe at the top of my favourite series list. 
Double Cross was published in 2008 by Doubleday. My copy was given to me as a gft from my sister. 

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