Double Clutch – Liz Reinhardt

“My Mom waltzed into my room early on the morning of my first day of high school back in Sussex County, NJ, after a year in Denmark, and I breathed a sigh of relief that she kissed my forehead like it was my first day of kindergarten instead. “
Brenna’s back home after a year of living, and homeschooling, in Denmark, her stepfathers home country. Excited but also terrified by being back at school she breathes a sigh of relief when one of the first people she encounters is her best friend from Middle School, Kelsie. But that’s only at the local high school, and Brenna has opted for Share Time between High School and Tech School. Having advanced well in homeschool Brenna finds herself in the higher classes at High School and gathers the attention of older, bad boy, Saxon. With her head already mixed up by her encounter with Saxon she goes for her afternoon at the Tech and comes across sweet, sensitive Jake. Brenna feels something towards both boys but there’s more than meets the eye to them both.

When I accepted the request to read and review this book one major thing ran through my mind. It’s a self-published book and I’ve had some bad experiences with them – bad grammar, terrible writing, boring storylines… so I said yes to give it a go and I can honestly say that none of this should have run through my mind! Double Clutch was brilliantly written, well edited and had a great storyline that captivated me the whole way through.
The story was all about the main character and the love triangle that she has found herself in. I only really like love triangles if theyre done in a certain way. I dislike it when a character is with one person, who is amazing and perfect with no flaws at all, and then another pops up and suddenly its bye-bye decent guy, hello randomer who’s just turned up. But Double Clutch wasn’t like this. The first guy, Saxon was very charming and you tell he’s the type of bad boy that all girls will fall over themselves for no matter what. He had a way about him that was just, impressionable, and I could see what Brenna had feelings for him. Jake was more of a sensitive guy who you need to take to for a bit to really get to know. He was beautiful on first glance but you built up feelings for him, even if they were built up fast.
I liked that the love triangle started out with no connection to either boy. It was plain fancying on Brennas part and we’ve all been in situations where we fancy two people at once, hell I remember having a list! And Brenna really didn’t have to battle knowing which boy was right for her… she knew but she had a hard time deflecting the attentions of the other!! I really enjoyed the way that everything was set out, it made for a great story line with brilliantly developed characters.
The two male characters had a lot to them. Saxon was highly intelligent, with a photographic memory and obviously a bit of a bad boy attitude but there were reasons for that and you pick those up throughout the story which really gave great development to Saxon, and in a way Jake.
Jake was really interesting too. A sensitive boy with a bit of a bad boy background, he’d been tarred with a brush that he couldn’t get rid of no matter what which stressed him out a bit but he was lovely and Brenna knew it.
Then we get on to Brenna. I liked Brenna, I really did, she was funny, laid back and had a great relationship with her parents and a great attitude to life. However I really wished that she spent a little bit more time doing the things she loved and with the people she cared about than worrying over the boys… It made her character seem a bit two dimensional towards the end, whereas at the beginning she was more of her own self… I still liked her but she become too obsessed with the boys, however I can’t really blame her for that… I remember what I was like with boys at that age and I was pretty much the same!!
I think what I really enjoyed about this book is the way it handles certain aspects of the teen relationships. There’s the trust that is needed for relationships of this kind, there’s the feeling of being on the verge of adulthood and most of all there’s the sexual aspect of relationships. Brenna is 15/16 and Jake is 16/17 so both of them are starting to think about sex and what being in a relationship is about. I liked the way sex was handled and not only that but the fact that “other things” and not just full on sex were explored in the book.
I really enjoyed this book; it had a great storyline with great characters and decent writing. I honestly think Reinhardt is one to watch when it comes to fun, exciting teen chick lit because she does it so well!
Double Clutch was released for Kindle on September 6th. My copy was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  • elizabethreinhardt

    Thank you so much for your awesome review, Raimy!! I’m so sorry I’m late thanking you…I have no idea how I missed your review! You give such a wonderful, detailed review of the book, and I’m so flattered by all you found to like in it. Thank you a million times for taking a chance on an unknown indie read ;)! I love that I had the opportunity to be reviewed by such a passionate book lover!

  • Agrippina Legit

    Oh gosh, I had a list as a teen as well. There were ten boys on there at one point, I think 😉

    And that’s a really good point about Brenna. I didn’t really notice it when reading, but now I’m thinking back over the book with a completely different eye 🙂

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