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Don’t Look Back – SB Hayes

“‘One, two, three, four… come on, Sinead, I’m not far away.’ 
‘But I cant see you, Patrick.’ 
‘Five, six, seven, eight… follow my footsteps, it isn’t difficult.’
The wind is whispering through the treetops like hundreds of voices telling me their secrets. I arch my neck and see night clouds creeping in. The trees are tall and tightly spaced, which makes me confused and dizzy.”

Sinead has followed her brothers footsteps since she can remember. Patrick has always been an unstable, manipulative person and now he is missing. When it becomes obvious that Patrick has left clues to his whereabouts just like he did when they were children, Sinead rushes to uncover his hiding place, she doesn’t want to but its her duty. Her search leads her to a remote, dilapidated mansion, and to James… the squire of the estate. The two become close but all the while there is something surrounding the mansion, something that feels like Patrick is still there, watching her. 

Don’t Look Back was an unsolicited review copy, but when I saw it and read the blurb, I was quite excited. It sounded like a psychological thriller that would chill me and I love that kind of read. Psychological thriller it was, but impress me, unfortunately, if didn’t 
I  enjoyed the story, I thought it had a lot of potential and I kept reading because I needed to know where the story was taking us, what happened with James and Patrick and the creepy, weird house. Even towards the end, though I saw a lot coming, I still enjoyed the story and thought with a bit more readability the book would be fantastic, however for me, it didn’t have that readability at all.
The characters bugged me, Sinead was annoying and had no backbone whatsoever, her mother was vile, Harry was soppy, Patrick was messed up and James was a bit of a prick, at least towards the beginning of the book. I really didn’t any of the characters and there was blatant insta-love between James and Sinead which I didn’t like at all, it got even more ridiculous towards the end of the book and whilst I can’t go into detail without spoiling the book, I would have given up at that point if it wasn’t so close to the end. 
I also wasn’t a great fan of the writing style of this book. It was first person narration told by Sinead and I think that might have been one off the problems with it, as I didn’t really like the character. I also think there was a lot of telling rather than showing and I didn’t like the dialogue between Sinead and Harry right at the beginning, it didn’t seem to work very well at all and I didn’t even feel like the two of them were friends, let alone possible love interested for one another. 
I was really disappointed in this book. I really wanted to love it but it just didn’t work for me at all. I will link to other blogs who enjoyed the book when I come across them. The authors previous book, Poison Heart, is still on my wishlist and I am willing to give it a try as this one had a good story which did make me wanna carry it on to the end. 
Don’t Look Back was published on March 28th by Quercus. My copy was sent form the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Cliona

    I received this too, I’m not sure if I’ll be reading it now though :L It’s a pity you didn’t enjoy it, bad characters just ruin any book! Thanks for the honest review!

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