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Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover – Ally Carter

*** Please Note that this book is the third in the Gallagher Girls series and whilst I have taken every care not to include spoilers, there may be some present for the first two books. ***

“‘We’re moving.’ The man beside me spoke into the microphone in his sleeve, and I knew the words weren’t for me. 
The August air was hot and thick with the smell of sea salt and bus exhaust. The roads were packed for miles, and everywhere I looked I saw shades of red, white and blue. Everywhere I turned, I felt the eyes of trained professionals staring, seeing, recording every word, analysing every glance within a dozen miles.”

Cammie is back for the third instalment in the Gallagher Girl series, and she’s even more badass than before. When Cammie and Macey are attacked on the roof of the building where Macey’s father is at a policital convention – trying to gain votes in his run for Vice President – the two of them make the news. The news isn’t a good think when your spy girls in training and whilst everyone panics about Macey’s wellbeing, Cammie is worried about the effect their actions will have on the Gallagher Academy. Macey returns to school with a ember of the Secret Service trailing her everywhere, but even then Cammie and her friends aren’t so sure about Macey’s safety. They are determined that the group that is after Macey will not get to her, will be hunted down and most of all will not achieve their target. This mission is personal and the Gallagher Girls will stop at nothing to be the best. 

Oh wow… I just got reminded how much I bloody love the Gallagher Girl series and am seriously kicking myself for not reading this one sooner… and for not having the fourth on my shelf waiting for me! 
This, the third, book allows for subtle reminders about what happened in the previous two and I really liked that I was not bombarded with facts about the others. The story takes place in Macey’s second year at Gallagher Girl academy, from the August to the November/December and it was so action packed that I would want to spend the rest of the school year completely chilling if I was these girls! 
The adventures that the characters go on are brilliant and, whilst I did kinda think they were being a bit stupid leaving the school and stuff like that when they weren’t meant to, I absolutely loved following Cammie and the girls around. I liked that there were some serious parts of the book but a fair bit of it was just a great read and boys. I like how real the characters feel even though I can’t imagine the school and their lives ever happening in reality. 
The writing is so easy to read that I honestly only spent about 3 or 4 hours in total reading this book, at 288 pages its not a huge book but that’s still pretty quick. I liked that even in that short period of time I still had chance to get to know the new characters, old and new, and immerse myself into their world again. I loved Aunt Abbey and her attitude towards all things Gallagher Academy related and I think that the storyline was really, really strong towards the end of the book. 
Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover is yet another great book in the Gallagher Girls series, and has a brilliant play on the title within the book as a fair few of them do in this series. I would definitely recommend this series to other readers, particularly young to mid teenagers who may be slightly reluctant readers. 

Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover was published in 2011 by Orchard Books. My copy was purchased in-store from Tesco. 

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