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Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynowski

“”We were not always freaks. 
Sure, most of us occasionally exhibited freakish behaviour. But that’s not the same thing. 
Olivia Byrne, when she worried about something, picked the skin around her thumbnails until her fingers bled. 
Cooper Miller sang badly. When he walked down the hall, when he studied, when he ate. He wasn’t singing the Top 40 either – he made up the tunes and lyrics about his everyday like. Walking to school. Being late to math.”

Something isn’t right with homeroom 10B. They can hear everyones thoughts; their best friends’, their parents’, their boyfriends’ and girlfriends’ – no one’s thoughts are off limits. Worst of all, they each know that their thoughts can be heard by the other people in their homeroom. What sounds like a nightmare becomes a reality for 10B and they must overcome every obstacle to get through the madness they have entered into. 

Ok, Don’t Even Think About It was weird… very weird. It was nothing what I expected but it was pretty darn awesome at the same time. It had really great characters (so much so that I nearly wrote a really great cast then because they did seem like the cast of a TV show!) and a pretty decent story line. It featured friendships, moral dilemmas and questions that not many people would ever have to ask, but make for a great debate! 
The story was interesting but unfortunately not the best I’ve ever read. I wasn’t captivated by it but I enjoyed it, there just wasn’t much point to it. The mind-blowing thing happens right at the beginning with the homeroom developing the power to read each others minds, and then things kist carry on with mind reading abilities. Its not that interesting and to be honest nothing much happens. I expected more I’m afraid to say, but as the first in a series I think its setting up for more to come – or at least I hope so. 
What made me carry on reading was my own intrigue as to what I would do in that situation. Imagine being able to hear everything your friends, partner, family, teachers, etc can hear? Its a pretty insane thought yeah? I saw what these kids did with it and in all honesty it was tame and it wasn’t that exciting. The fortune telling was interesting and the whole thing with Cooper and his parents was quite sad and added to the moral questioning of the situation but other than that I was pretty underwhelmed with the abilities and the storyline. 
The characters made up for it and I grew to like a lot of them. I thought its as really interesting that as they developed their skills they allowed themselves to really learn about who they were by what others were saying. MacKenzie learnt to be less of a bitch and Olivia came out of her shell. I liked that Olivia was saved from dating a moron because she could hear his true personality but again, thats about the morals involved with listening in to other peoples thoughts. 

Overall Don’t Even Think About it was a little average for my tastes. It was a short, quick read but felt very much like an introduction with nothing much happening. I enjoyed it enough to carry on with the series though in the hopes that things pick up in Think Twice. For readers new to this author I would serious recommend you start with her previous teen book, Ten Things We Shouldn’t Have Done – or Ten Things We Did (but probably shouldn’t have) in the US – then return for this one! 

Don’t Even Think About It was published on May 1st by Orchard. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Anya

    I really liked this but can see your point about not that exciting. I just found it incredibly funny though and that’s what kept me reading 🙂

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