Divergent – Veronica Roth

“There is one mirror in my house. It is behind a sliding
panel in  the hallway upstairs. Our
faction allows me to stand in the front of it on the second day of every third
month, the day my mother cuts my hair.”

Beatrice was born into Abnegation, one of the five
factions that make up the world she knows. In a world where wars were raging
her ancestors decided that wars were the fault of the people, and their
virtues, so split up into factions. Those factions eradicated certain virtues
which could be a cuase of war, they were: Abnegation, Amity, Dauntless, Erudite
and Candor. And each 16 year old has one day to choose which faction they
belong to. On Beatrice’s choosing day she makes a decision which not only
changes her name, to Tris, but also her whole life.


There is so so much hype about this book across the
blogosphere and for a while I wasn’t sure to believe it. I love dystopians and
I liked the sound of this one but something about it put me off… something made
me think that Divergent wasn’t for me. Until I started reading it and couldn’t actually
put it back down… that’s my own fault though… I was warned!!
I was totally wrong by thinking Divergent wasn’t for me.
I honestly thought that it sounded like nothing 
special and that Tris was a bit boring… but man I finished this and
shouted at myself for thinking that it was gunna be the same sh*t, different
book because it blew my mind. I loved the idea that each faction believed in
different virtues and I found myself thinking about what faction I would belong
to (I reckon I would probably be in Abnegation, Dauntless or Amity… still not
sure!!) and thinking about Tris’ choices and her story, why she chose the
faction she chose and how her actions there determined certain things. There
was a lot to get your head round in Divergent but I love a book that makes me
think so I was very suitably satisfied with it!
I don’t want to go into much detail as I hate spoiling
any parts of a story for people who haven’t read it (but seriously, if you haven’t
read it… go buy it now! Don’t bother finishing reading this review… just get to
it, you’re wasting time!) so I wont do that. But I have to say that the story
of Tris’ initiation is amazing, she has to go through some pretty hefty stuff
without even taking her past into account, and the development of both the
story and the character is fantastic. You see the pieces of the puzzle building
up on the page in front of you and that’s the reason I had so much trouble
putting it back down once I started reading. I loved that I could see the story
developing but I wasn’t ever sure where exactly t was going, I barely worked
anything out before it happened, which was frustrating but so awesome at the
same time!!
The main characters development, as I said, was
brilliant. I could tell from page one that she struggled being a part of her
original faction but her struggle with that didn’t automatically stop once she
chose her faction for good, she was always battling with her inner-most
thoughts and feelings and she always had to prove herself, not only to other
but to herself also. I love how kick-ass she is and I well want to do some of
the stuff she did – hello, I’d so do that thing, yeah.. cant say but if you’ve
read it… ask me!!
The other characters were incredible too… even though I
hated one or two, they jumped out from the page and walked alongside me as I
was walking through the corridors. Peter was quite possibly my least favourite
character of all time… in ANY book (ok maybe not Professor Umbridge in the
Harry Potter books, but similar level.) and I actually felt sick, physically
sick, numerous times when he wandered onto the page… if that’s not good
development I don’t know what is! I’ve said it before I’m sure but seriously,
making me hate a character that much is more impressive to me that making me
love a character!  
I think I wouldn’t be alone in also admitting that if
Peter made me freak out in anger… Four made me swoon like a helpless teenager…
wow, he was stunning, and amazingly kind and thoughtless, but also battling
with his own feelings which made him come across as a bit mood-swingy… but also
very much in need! I couldn’t get enough of Four and man, I wish they made men
like him for everyone!
Divergent is very much a victim of the cover *sigh*groups
of books for me… I think the reason I was put off so much is because I wasn’t impressed
by the cover, and I know that’s bad of me but I have since found out that it’s
not selling too well in the UK and its believed that the cover may be the
issue. I have to admit that a few years ago I would have walked passed this
book, not even registering it… and I still wouldn’t have picked it up had I not
been told countless times by fellow bloggers that its amazing! I love dystopians
but the cover feels more sci-fi and too… brainy? Perhaps… I am often put off if
I don’t think I will understand the concepts in a story and this cover seems to
give off a science feel to me… having read the book I now understand the cover
but I still feel that it would put too many people off. Though it is nice and
shiney! Haha.
All in all I have to say… do not be put off by this
cover. As soon as you read page one you will just ignore any preconceptions
that you had about the cover and its contents because you will want to know
more straight aaway, more about everything and anything and I cannot wait for
the next book, even if this one was rounded nicely, I cant wait to read more by
Divergent was published in May 2011 by Harper Collins. It is
the first in a series, with the second due next year. My copy was purchased

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  • Jules

    I’ve had similar feelings towards this book and I have still to get to it on my TBR pile.

    I loved your review, I really must get round to it!

  • Cait

    Omg Raimy I’m so glad you finally read this!! It’s such an amazing book it’s a shame to think the cover is letting it down (I agree it’s not a great cover) as much as I hate unmatching covers maybe they should change it for insurgent. But yay! you loved it!!

    The Cait Files

  • Liz. R

    This book definitely was awesome – so happy you enjoyed it! Four made everyone swoon I think, and I also agree about the cover – it’s not terrible, but it’s also not up to scratch for such a great book. It really makes me sad that people are missing out because of the cover. I want everyone to read this book! Great review :).

  • Bungle

    I have this book, for some time now. I read a dystopian a few months back and I just couldn’t pick up another because I really didn’t enjoy it. I’ve been hearing great thing about Divergent and therefor must read!

    great review!!

    P.S. Soooooo need to get my hands on After Obsession, love Carrie Jones’ books, looking forward to your review for that one!!!

  • Lyrical Brown

    I can’t wait to read this one! Thank you for this review, it’s put it a bit further up my reading pile.

    What is it with the name Peter in the recent books I’ve read. Peeta from The Hunger Games, Peter in The Declaration and now another bloomin Peter! Are there no other names in the world!

  • Lily Child

    I’ve been meaning to read this, but for some reason, I just keep putting it off. Great review! I’ll definitely bump this up a few notches on my tbr list!

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