Discussion; Walking and reading…

I walk to work, its 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back.
I know some people who would use this time for reading…
I find myself mostly using this time for tweeting, what
can I say; I’m addicted! I think I have perfected the route and the positioning
of my phone so that walking and tweeting is not a problem at all but sometimes
I don’t have much to tweet and I find myself caught with nothing to do on my
walk. I used to read eBooks on my phone but the screen started to annoy me so I
stopped. Lately I’ve been considering reading whilst walking but I have NEVER experienced
anyone else doing this. I know a few people I talk to on twitter who read
whilst walking and I wondered how many people actually do, or would.
I think my main issues with the whole thing are the fact
I pass a lot of lampposts, which actually are on the path rather than the grass
next to the path (stupid design anyway, Lancashire county Council!) so I fear
that I would be too engrossed in my book to realise there’s a lamppost coming
up… I also fear that I would miss my point of crossing over, walk straight
passed the path which leads me to the crossing or the one that leads me to my
building! And also what do you do when it rains? Your book will get wet!! Then
of course there’s the idea of walking down a busy main road with a book in your
hands… what will the drivers think that are driving next to you? Will they
think it’s crazy? Will they even notice? Do I care? But don’t worry, theres a
grassy bit between me and the road so I wont stumble onto it!
Anyway… I just wanted to know if you read whilst
walking, how you do it and if you have done any of the things I have mentioned
above; walking into lampposts, parked cars, people etc!? 


  • karenthekraken

    I drive to work these days so it’s pretty much a no go haha

    However, at my old job – in a bookstore funnily enough – I used to get the bus to work and also had 15 minutes walk to the stop, and 15 minutes after.

    I would read and walk at the same time simply because I couldn’t put my books down! I found that holding my book up slightly so I’m not completely looking at the ground helped me look at where I was going. If you think you’re going to walk into something though, there’s always audiobooks 🙂

  • Hannah

    Rofl! I don’t, but I was wandering around with my Kindle out yesterday, I just walked very slowly to compensate and kept glancing up. But nah when I have a long walk I tend to listen to my ipod or the radio, stops you getting bored but isn’t so dangerous!

  • Beth

    I walk into lamp posts and trip over just looking at my phone so I think if I thought about reading I’d probably get run over!

  • Cait

    I don’t read and walk no, I used to walk half an hour to uni and half an hour back from uni everyday and I’d just…walk 😛 Give it a go and see if it works?

  • Jules

    Don’t read and walk! I had a friend that broke their ankle when they tripped over a stone.

    Listen to an audio book, that’s what I’ve started doing. You still get the great story and you can watch where you step, avoiding anyone and anything in your way 🙂

  • Liz. R

    I don’t think I could read and walk – I’m clumsy, so I’d definitely fall over or walk into something. But if you think you could do it – why not? 🙂

  • Belle

    I do! I live a half hour walk away from work so in the summer I read while walking home and I love it! I guess I know the route pretty well so I know when I need to actually watch where I’m going. It helps to hold the book up a bit higher so you can see obstacles in your peripheral vision. I don’t really care if people judge me 🙂

  • secretlifeofbooks

    I used to walk and read but then I either took the wrong path or ended up bumping into things like lamposts XD so I tend to catch the bus that goes the long way round to give me good, long reading time on my journey home 🙂

  • SisterSpooky

    i walk and read. i usually walk if the weather is ok so it’s over an hour there and hour back and i always make sure i check ahead for footing traps and dog poop. it’s a danger field and i have walked into a lamp post before. NO LIE.

    just be away of roads and drive ways with cars pulling out etc. if it rains i can’t read which sucks

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