Discusion – Do You get attached?

I’m moving house in about three weeks *fingers crossed all the references go through ok!* and, obviously, because of this I am going to have to start packing up my books, as well as everything else! 
However I have only recently got my books to the way I want them on my shelves, I don’t awnt to pack them up because I know I’ll never get them looking so good again! I’ve suddenly become attached to the way they are organised! I don’t know when that happened because I used to have them so jumbled that the authors weren’t even together!
Also, looking at them the other day I realised I have at least two, maybe even three or four, shelves that are full of books I probably won’t read again, if I’ve even read them before. I know I should get rid of some of these, especially the ones which I’ve had for years and not read! But I just cant bring myself to! I think “well I might get it read on day, it’d be perfect to take to Bulgaria next time I go and leave there once read for my mum!” but let’s face it… I’m not going there til at least next year!
I might be strong. I might get rid of some… but if I have problems putting my books into boxes (that’s nearly the name of a Maximo Park song!) when I’ll be getting them back out in a few weeks, how am I gunna get rid of them?!
Are you the same? Do you obsess over your shelves, and want to keep them perfect? Do you get too attached to books even when you know you won’t read them again?


  • Vivienne

    I very rarely get rid of books. I love them all too much. I have stacks that I know I will probably never read, but they look so happy on my shelves.

  • Julianne

    I used to be too attached to books, even books I didn’t really enjoy, to get rid of any. Then I disovered bookmooch.com and found that I’m perfectly happy sending books to other people who are going to read them. I couldn’t donate them to a charity shop where they might end up in the recycling, but I’m totally fine with giving books to strangers that really want them!

  • Emma Book Angel

    I am like Julianna I used to keep everything until I found RISI I try not to get attached to books too much & as I work in a library I get to see al the wonderful books there so seriouly give Read It Swap It a go 😀

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