Deception – Lee Nicholls

“Six weeks ago, my parents disappeared.
I’d left them at the San Francisco airport at seven in
the evening, nervous and excited. These were their last words:
Dad: ‘there’s money in the bank; use your ATM card. If
you get in trouble…’ He Looked at me. ‘Don’t get in trouble. We have our cell
phone. You can call us anytime.’
Mum: ‘You know a scarf isn’t a jacket, Emma’”
Emma’s parents went away, she hasn’t heard from them
since. When the cops found out she was on her own, her brother’s friend turned
up with paperwork claiming he was her guardian. When he whisks her to the other
side of the country to live in his museum/mansion and go to school at the exclusive
Thatcher academy she doesn’t know what to think. Then she starts seeing things
that shes not meant to see and remembering things shes never experienced
before. What is happening and what has it got to do with the mysterious Bennett

The amazing things that you can find across the
blogosphere about this book are all true. Honestly, I have never been so
worried and so engrossed in a ghost story. I may have read ghost stories that I
have loved but this one has some serious atmosphere and Nichols is not afraid
of changing the course of the story just when you aren’t expecting it!
At first I wasn’t impressed with this book. I had
problems with Emma, but more of that later, the only thing that actually kept
me reading was the story. There is something in Nichols’ writing that makes you
NEED to know what happens next. I had to find out what the feelings that Emma
was encountering were and where her parents were and, when he came into the
story, who Bennett was. This story really had me on the edge of my seat and it
was awesome from the very start. I think my love of the spectre genre grew so
much whilst reading this book. It was that impressive that even though it was
my third ghost book in a week and after finishing this I still want more!!
I will warn you with this book you will battle with the
main character for the first 100 pages, at least. Emma is whiney, annoying and
incredibly naïve at the beginning of the book and it’s not until she gets past
the knowing what’s going on stage that she gets better… I hate to say it but I
really disliked Emma for those first 100 pages. She is one of those “I’m boring
and average looking but oh look everyone fancies me” characters which is
annoying but it becomes less relevant once she had more too her. I actually
grew to love Emma towards the end of the book and I reckon by the time I’ve
read the second of these books I will love her as a personal friend.
The characters, other than Emma, were brilliant in this
book, Sara and Harry were two of the best secondary characters Ive come across
and I loved how normal they were. I’ve known guys just like Harry and girls
just like Sara, and they are those types of people you can’t help but like.
Coby was ok, but I didn’t grow to like him as much and Natalie, well, let’s
just say I liked Emma enough to dislike her! Bennett was an interesting
character but I feel there’s something more about him that hasn’t been revealed
yet. Saving the best until last though… Martha and the house ghosts… WOW! Can
they all come look after me please? They were brilliant!! I love Martha like a
mother and she’s exactly the type of person Id want around me whilst going
through what Emma goes through.
The setting of this story was perfect, I got an
oldie-worldy feel from Echo Point and Bennett’s mansion and this added to the atmosphere
perfectly. I was glad that the story wasn’t set in San Franscisco as when it
started up there it felt like the wrong setting for a ghost story. I could
picture Echo Point and all its blasts from the pasts vividly and it really
helped with the atmosphere of the overall book
I really would recommend this book to anyone and everyone
with a love of anything paranormal. I loved that element of it and whilst the
real elements grew on me it’s definitely the mystery and paranormal that makes
this book a must read… now excuse me whilst I go start the second one.
Deception is the first YA novel of author Lee Nichols, it
is released along with the second in the Haunting Emma series today and
published by Bloomsbury. Huge thanks go to the lovely people at Bloomsbury for
sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. 


  • Amber Griffiths

    Ah, I’m reading this at the moment! I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much. I wasn’t expecting great things to be honest, but I’m loving it! It’s great.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Emma either to begin with. She was annoying, and did some really stupid things. I love Harry! I also love what I’ve seen on Bennett so far. It looks like there isn’t much revealed about him in this one, so I’m going to have to get book two! I’m actually not a huge fan of Martha. Not sure why. I just think there’s something off about her.

    Great review 🙂
    Books of Amber

  • Bungle

    I seem to have heard alot about this one. I know this sounds bad but I can’t actually remember if I have a copy or not, or if I put it on my wishlist.

    Great review!!

  • Cicely

    I totally agree with everything you said! Especially about all the side characters and the plot ;D And I liked Emma by the end of it too 🙂 Great review!

  • Hanna

    I’ve seen this on loads of blogs lately, often by bloggers who don’t usually read paranormal-type stuff.

    I kind of want to pick it up though, because ALL of those reviews have been positive! I think I might finally have been swayed…

  • Liz. R

    I loved this one, glad you liked it too! I agree, I was completely engrossed in the story – I just had to know what happened next! Great review :).

  • SisterSpooky

    totally agree. i was reading it and wasn’t too sure about it and where it was going at first but once the big reveals started happening it was really exciting. Emma is a bit of a Bella character (twilight obvs) whines and such but you grow to like her.

  • Lisa Valentine | That British

    This made me chuckle!

    I’ve actually seen 65dayofstatic myself (they supported my husbands band at festivals and gigs back in the day) and it’s nice that we’re not the only ones; they’re ace.

    The hotel sounds interesting (!) and you can’t been a good old ‘Spoons breakfast after a night out 🙂

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