Dead Time – Anne Cassidy

“Rose looked at the blood on her arm. She held it under her bedside light and saw pinpricks of red across her skin. She blotted them with a tissue, then watched as a shape emerged, tiny, ruby pebbles that looked like jewels and formed a raw outline of gossamer wings.”
Rose and Joshua lived together for three years as brother and sister. Even though there was no actual blood bond; Rose’s mother and Joshua’s father were together, they still cared for each other. Then Rose’s mother and Joshua’s father went missing. Five years has passed, Rose and Joshua were separated but they are about to meet again. 
Rose has been in boarding school for five years. Now free in one sense she is imprisoned by a wall of rules enforced onto her by a grandmother she didn’t even know existed before her mum went missing. 
Joshua has spent five years in Newcastle, keeping out of trouble but continuing in the search to find out what happened to his dad. He’s moved back to London for university and is determined to know the truth. 
The night they are meant to meet for the first time in five years Rose witnesses a murder, things are getting weirder and weirder for the pair and this is only the beginning. 

I love Anne Cassidy. Thats all you really need to know. I read and adored Looking for JJ many years ago and it still holds pride of place on my bookshelf. I was so excited when I was given this book and with good reason. Dead Time is a brilliant addition to Anne Cassidy’s collection and one that I think should be added to everyones shelf! 
Dead time is told with a lot of depth and description. For some this could be off putting but trust me when I say that it adds to the atmosphere of the book, ensuring its rightful place amongst other thrillers in YA. I loved the descriptions because they told you everything. The book is told from a third person perspective so you get everything and thats whats important in a thriller. It means you piece everything together bit by bit and you enjoy seeing the characters think of things that you know cant be right, or don’t want to be right at least! 
I could have easily sat and read Dead Time in one sitting if time was on my hands but unfortunately it wasn’t and I started reading it at the beginning of a very hectic week at work. I found myself dying to crack open the pages at every possibility and hating myself for having to work and not read! I even took it to a gig with me just so I could read it before meeting my friends! This is how addictive Dead Time was for me, and right now, I really just want to open it back up and read again. 
The characters were really interesting but I’m very glad this is the first in the series because I think theres more to all of them than meets the eye. I really loved the murder mystery aspect of the story as it adds more, its separate from the disappearance of Rose and Joshua’s parents but its still kinda linked in a way. Rose kinda bugged me a little but I think thats just because she was very stand-offish towards everyone. Joshua was nice but theres something we don’t know about him, I’m sure of it. Skeggsie was a character I actually warmed up to very well early on even with his weird paranoid ways. Rose’s Grandmother was awful though, I hated her with a passion and didn’t blame Rose for hating every minute with Anna. 
Im not saying much about the plot because I don’t want to give anything away. Its a fun, engaging thriller that will have you wanting to skip to the next page just to see what you find out! Its the first in a series though so beware because there are more questions opened up at the end of this book than any other I’ve come across before and I really cant wait to read the next one!!
Dead Time is the first installment of The Murder Notebooks series. It will be published on May 10th by Bloomsbury, a copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. 


  • Cliona

    I have two of Anne’s books at home, unread! LOL 🙂 I really should read them soon – and perhaps buy this too! 🙂 Amazing review!

  • Cicely

    I love the sound of this! I didn’t know too much about it, but your review has got me thinking I *might* need to read it.

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