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Dead Jealous – Sharon Jones

“It had to be here. 

The soles of his shoes squeaked from marble to wood as he ran between the choir stalls, swinging the torch beam like a whip that could beat back the night. 
How could he have been so stupid as to lose the book? If he didn’t find it he was dead. 
A faint scuffling noise brought him to a halt. Shit! His fingers fumbled to shut off the torch. The light died and he stood frozen, holding his breath.”

When Poppy Sinclair and her boyfriend, Michael, visit Cambridge for Michael’s interview they expect a relaxing weekend visiting her father and seeing the sights. However the sights Poppy is greater with are not what she expected. Especially when she discovers the body of a student on her first morning there. The students arms are outstretched, like he was in the act of creating bloody angel wings. Something sinister is going on and with someone close to her mixed in with it Poppy must find answers before more people get hurt – or worse. 
This right here is exactly why I knew I needed to keep an eye on Sharon Jones’ writing as soon as I found out she was going to be published. Dead Jealous was good but with Dead Silent the author really shines and with the suspense she created I honestly could not put this book down! 
Poppy isn’t close to her father anymore but even she can’t believe that he’s the one to blame when one student gets killed and another is seriously hurt. There’s something seriously weird going on throughout the book and I loved finding out what that was and how Poppy’s father was involved. The church, the secret societies and all the niceties of Cambridge are thrown into question within the story of Dead Silent and I loved it all. Throw in your everyday teenage problems like sex, romance and parents who think they know best and you honest can’t see a book more suited to my needs – I ended up adoring this book. 
Dead Silent was gobbled up during the ReadUKYA readathon I took part in but even if it wasn’t I would have probably still read it ridiculously quickly because it is really easy to read. The writing flows well and the characters felt real. I am a big advocate of swearing in YA because it is honestly how most teenagers talk and this book went further by – in extreme circumstances – Poppy’s father swearing in front of her. I loved that because my dad swore like a trooper in front of me growing up and because of it I found out quicker when it was, and was not, appropriate. 
Honestly this book ticked all the boxes for me. The supernatural, conspiracies, murder – its all I want in a thriller and it worked bloody brilliantly. There were times when it was seriously creepy and the person responsible didn’t feel ridiculously obvious to me at all like I often find it does in teen thrillers – I worked it out but within a more suitable time frame than I have done in others. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from Sharon jones, whether it is part of the Poppy Sinclair series or another protagonist; it will be great! 
Dead Silent was published on February 6th by Orchard Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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