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Dark of the Moon – Siobhan Curham

“Hortense lights the final candle and steps away from the altar. Tendrils of incense smoke twist through the darkness like ghostly snakes, filling the air with the scent of sage. She takes a small wooden doll from her pocket and places it in the centre of the altar. A sudden breeze rushes through the trees like a nervous gasp, as if the island itself knows what’s about to happen.”

Days after first arriving on a seemingly deserted island, Grace and her friends finally seem to have found a way off.. but things can’t be that easy, surely? Not when theres a voodoo queen on the warpath who needs Grace to stick around for a while longer. As the boat sets sail things appear fine but then a wind knocks them back and Grace, her soulmate Cruz and the others in their group find themselves back on the island, but its different this time. On the other side oft he island they appear to have found a community, a few other people within a retreat, who promise them escape in just a few more days. Can the group last that long when they’ve lost so much already, or is there more to this retreat than it would appear there is? 


The second in the shipwrecked series Dark of the Moon, was pretty darn impressive as far as second books go, there was intrigue, and mystery and a fair few plot twists that kept me on my toes. I definitely liked the way the series has gone and the plot opened up a few more questions that I definitely want answering.

The story follows straight on from book one, with the characters waking from the sleep they started right at the end of Shipwrecked. Things are odd straight away though with them having trouble waking Belle up from a horrible dream, and her waking up to blindness. Being thrown straight in at the deep end made me glad that I only read the first book a few weeks ago, and I would recommend a recap for sure because there aren\t many useful hints and reminders dropped into the story, it is very much its own.

I loved that this book involved a change of scenery with the introduction of a new part of the island and new characters, it kept everything feeling fresh and new and allowed the shipwreck to carry on, without dragging it out too much. The change in the characters from the first book to the second is also worth noting as I liked a lot of them more with what they showed in this book than in the first.

There is obvious scope for a third book but I read on the authors website that it is being held until a TV series, which is apparently in production, catches up. I am really hoping they don’t leave things too long because the ending, even though it wasn’t a cliffhanger as such, wasn’t satisfying enough for me. I need more, I need a full conclusion and it will probably drive me mad while I wait for that!

As always with Siobhan Curham’s books I was able to lose myself in the writing and the setting of Dark of the Moon. Everything I have read by her flows so well and is so brilliantly written that I can read hundreds of pages and then suddenly realise that I was meant to stop reading an hour ago. I love that her work is so easy to read but also so comprehensive and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a story to dive right in to.

Dark of the Moon was published by Electric Monkey in July 2014. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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  • Tasmin

    Hi i read you say there will be a TV show, i finished book two today and almost – dare i say – depressed on the ending, as much as it was intriguing and thrilling i feel a third book is highly needed, are you positively certain that the series will have answers soon whether it be tomorrow or in five years, because i desperately need answers!

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