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Dark Inside – Jeyn Roberts

“I’m standing at the edge of existence. Behind me, a thousand monsters descend. Their disguises change with each stride. 
When they look in a mirror, do they see their true selves? 
Arms open wide. In front of me is nothing. No one ever knew how existence would end.”

When earthquakes rocked the whole western coast of the Americas, aftershocks weren’t they only thing survivors had to worry about. across the whole of America, Canada and the world people were going crazy. Husbands turned on wives, sisters turned on brothers, girlfriends onto boyfriends. It seemed the world had gone crazy. Mason, Michael, Clementime and Aries are a few of the small number of survivors who appear to still be sane, but they are all alone. Each one of them starts on a mission to get somewhere, anywhere, some place they wont be alone. Can they find one another, and when they do can they trust each other? 
I’ve been hearing good things about Dark Inside and its sequel Rage Within all year it seems and having both sat on my tbr shelf Ive been meaning to read them for a while. Now that I’ve started the series and read Dark Inside I’ve got to say, I’m kicking myself for not starting it sooner! 
The story is brilliant and I really love the split perspectives. I have to say that the blurb made me think that the four characters would be all there were in the book and that they would find each other very quickly but that isn’t the case and you really pick up on the scariness of the world that these characters now have to survive as you read. Each character has their own reasons behind what they are doing and where they are going. I really enjoyed finding out more about each of the characters as I went through the book and I really loved the people they met on their journeys.
Of the four main characters Aries was the most grounded one as she actually stays in the same place she was to start with, whereas the others all travel a lot, but she was probably my favourite character because she had guts, and lots of them. She cared so much for her friends and the people she picked up on the way through the book that I really felt a strong connection to her. Mason is an odd one and I’m a bit worried about him, I cant wait to see where his story takes us in the next book. Michael is a nice guy but there’s something that happens within the story that has me a little on edge but it has me questioning things about the whole group and I really hope that my theories are right. Clementime is sweet but I am shocked she managed for so long on her own. She’s very girly girly and I wasn’t too fussed by her at the beginning, she grew on me though. Of the secondary characters Daniel has me the most intrigued but Chee was my favourite, I loved her attitude and how much she was there for Mason.
The story is freaky and I spent the entire book wondering what if? It reminded me a lot of other things I’ve seen around lately like The Walking Dead and Derren Brown’s recent Apocalypse show, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I really want answers though and Dark Inside doesn’t really give you many… I’m really hoping Rage Within starts from where this finished and answers a few questions for me. My main questions is about the ‘extra’ perspective that we get between the group of chapters, that really intrigues me and again its something I have a theory on but I’m not certain. The only down point I had was the term used for the people who had gone crazy.. I loved that there were different kind of ‘types’ of the crazy people – those who were just killing for the hell of it and those who seemed a bit more orderly and composed – but I really hated the term ‘Bagger’ for some reason. 
All in all I really loved this book an think it will be a hit with many readers. Its a great start to a series, doesn’t end with a cliffhanger but keeps you gripped right til the end. It’s definitely recommended. 
Dark Inside was published by Macmillan Children’s Books on May 24th. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  

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