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Darcy Burdock – Laura Dockrill

“Have you ever noticed you’re noticing? Sometimes I notice that I notice so much that I get trapped in my noticing. I like noticing all kinds if things. The way Dad always steals sheets of ham out of the pack in the fridge and thinks nobody sees him do it. The way our next-door neighbour Henrietta gets so embarrassed after she’s told us off that she hides behind the washing line and pretend-innocently hums the tune to one of those soaps my mum watches.” 

Welcome to Darcy’s world, a world full of noticing, a world full of stories and a world full of love. Darcy is the worlds best noticer and sometimes she notices things no one else does. Sometimes Darcy writes about the things she notices. She sees the most ordinary things in the most extraordinary way and this is her first book, a book she wanted to write just for people like you. 

A few months ago I went to the Random House Children’s Publishers book blogger brunch… There we were introduced to Laura Dockrill, who in turn introduced to us the wonderful Darcy Burdock. Darcy is a ten year old girl who paints all her names different colours and loves her family so much. She sounded like an amazing girl and I’ve been dying to read her story ever since and Now that I have I only have one question… Can I please adopt Darcy Burdock?! 
The story isn’t extraordinary; it’s just Darcy’s life. What makes it amazing though is Darcy herself, the way she sees her world and everyone in it and what she takes from it all. For such a young girl she’s got her head screwed on pretty tight and definitely knows right from wrong, even though she doesn’t always know what to do about it all and deals with it the wrong way. She’s very unique and doesn’t seem to care about what others think about her, you can take her how she comes or not at all, but I think readers will like her how she comes! 
Darcy sees things, she takes them in and she reassembles them to make sense to her and to show what should be done about them. The way she does this is by writing stories, poems and drawing pictures about the things she sees. I love that she can take everything in the way she does and makes life stories out of them, they are very moral and its great. She is really mature but in a way that makes it believable to read and I think she will be the best role model for young girls. She knows that you have to treat people the way you want to be treated and not to be mean, and usually she takes that advice. Most of all though she doesn’t take herself too seriously and makes a joke about things that could be upsetting for others. She’s the worlds best sister, friend and daughter in my eyes and I really think to know someone like her in real life would be great. 
P.S Just had to share the Angrosaurus Rex
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Darcy’s family were great and I really loved them all, I loved the relationship they all had but I do think that the dad could have been a bit better portrayed, it upset me that when Darcy was introducing her family to the reader there’s only a short paragraph about him whereas there’s lots more about the other characters. His role in the family seemed a little too stereotypical too and he was very much the rule enforcer which made me a little sad, but I guess it’s something that might be relatable to kids. Other than that one criticism I loved that most of the characters had their own stories and backgrounds and how you could see that’s what shaped them as people. 

I love the humour in Darcy Burdock and it really made me giggle, there’s some serious events that Laura puts across really well, and in a subtle way which really made me happy to read about. Darcy has her own mind and is very strong willed and I really do love her. Any kid, girl or boy, will love to read about Darcy’s life and I think many girls will want to be just like her, which definitely is not a bad thing.  

Darcy Burdock will be published in March 2013 by Corgi, a Random House imprint. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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