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Daddy’s Sandwich – Pip Jones and Laura Hughes

Think of all of your Daddy’s favourite things. Now think of how he would like to see them. This is what one little girl does as she offers to make her Daddy the most perfect sandwich ever. Join her as she searches high and low for the best ingredients and surprises her Daddy! 


I LOVED this book. It was soo sweet and the big bright pictures seemed to capture Spike’s attention while we were reading.

The idea of the book was very sweet. The little girl starts off well with white bread, crusty on the outside, and butter, cheese and tomato. But then the ingredients start getting a little more adventurous with the girl looking high and low across the house to ensure she gets her daddy’s favourite things which aren’t exactly the usual ingredients you’d expect in a sandwich!

I loved how sweet and innocent the little girl came across, she honestly thought that her daddy would love this sandwich and bless her for trying. I love that she goes all the way around the house and then suddenly right at the end realises that theres one most important thing missing which made me laugh a lot.

The illustrations are clean and clear and bright. A lot of the time there were a few select images on a white background and they really do dominate well. I loved the way the girls personality comes across on her little face and how you get to know how she sees her daddy which is lovely. I think my favourite illustration has to be either the one with the Jelly Beans that the little girl declares her own (but they are in a place she can’t quite reach which makes me question that!) or the sandwich pages towards the end where the very nearly finished sandwhich makes the reader turn the whole book around!

This was a hit for me and Spike and I can see that this will be a bedtime book for a long time to come! Even Spike’s Daddy laughed at the book and thought it was very sweet, but I think as Spike gets older he may be reminding her of his more edible favourite things!

Daddy’s Sandwich was published by Faber and Faber on May 7th 2015. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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