Crusher – Niall Leonard

“It was a bit early for someone to be banging on the front door. I hurried down the stairs, hair still dripping from the shower, and turned the latch.
‘Sorry, son, locked myself out,’ said Dad, shivering as he stepped in. He’d been out in his slippers, I noticed. I wondered why, until I saw the TV trade mag folded in his hand, and my heart sank.”

Finns father was an out of work actor, trying to write his first screenplay, they had their differences and struggled for money but they were still close. Until Finn comes home from work to find his father at the dining table, murdered. Finn is taken in to custody and one particular police officer is convinced that Finn did it himself and makes it known that there won’t be much of a search for anyone else, so Finn has no other choice, he will have to search for his father’s killer himself. However Finns suspects take him into an unknown criminal underworld where his body will be bruised, his heart broken and his emotions ripped to shreds. How can he put his trust in people when there so many people trying to kill him?

There was so much talk of Niall Leonard’s Crusher at the Random House book blogger brunch that I knew I would have to read it the first chance I got, that opportunity came recently when I knew that the publication day would be soon upon us and I tucked in prepared to be blown away, but hopefully not literally!! 
Crusher was a very anticipated read for me and I’m sorry to say that it did disappoint, it was a good read but not the fantastic one I was hoping for and I was left a little let down by the book. It wasn’t the story though, that was brilliant, more the characters and the writing that left me a little disappointed. But I will start this review with what I did enjoy about the book.
The story, as I mentioned, was really good. The reader is thrown straight in with Finns dad losing his key, Finn going to work and then coming back and finding his dad dead. I enjoyed the pace of the story and how quickly Finn puts his theories together and acts on them. I liked the way there were different strands of the story with Finn, Zoe, Finns mother and Elsa, not to mention McGovern and Eccles. The story did feel a bit like a detective show storyline and as I’m a huge fan of crime on TV show I enjoyed that a lot. There were plenty of twists and turns for the story and although I saw some of them coming I didn’t see others until they were right upon me. 
The writing distracted a little from the story in places but it wasn’t all bad. I enjoyed Finn’s voice and the perspective of the book. I did however find that there was slightly too much description in places and this is perhaps one of the reasons I saw some of the twists coming. I think the writing might however help more reluctant readers follow the story better as it makes the pace slightly slower and the leads easier to follow. 
The characters really let the story down for me I’m afraid as I felt I knew very little about them and they didn’t have much depth. I found Finn very impulsive and didn’t understand his relationship with Zoe very much as seemed that there wasn’t one then all of a sudden the was a very serious one. I didn’t like or trust Zoe very much to start off with but she grew on me towards the end of the book, despite her questionable actions. Finns mother seemed selfish and untrustworthy right from the beginning too and even when she was telling the truth I didn’t like her. The police seemed quite stuck in their ways and played Finn to be the bad guy a lot and I really didn’t like Prendergast at all. I think the most likable character for me was actually McGovern and its saying something when a gangster is the best character in the book! I enjoyed finding out more about him through and he actually had some good morals for a gangster! 
I know this review hasn’t been great and I don’t want to say that the book as terrible, because it wasn’t. Crusher just didn’t deliver as much as I hoped but it had some fantastic action scenes and was brilliant brutal and gory at times which I really did enjoy! If you are a fan of crime fiction or crime TV shows 
I would say it’s worth a read.
Crusher will be published today by Doubleday, a Random House imprint. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. 

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  • Zoe Crook

    I keep seeing mixed reviews of this, but I think that makes me want to read it more, to see what I think of it myself. It’s a shame you didn’t like the characters, but at least you liked the story. Thanks for the honest review! 🙂

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