Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy – Ally Carter

***Whilst I have taken great care not to spoil any of the story in this review please take note that this is book 2 of the Gallagher Girls series so therefore may contain a few spoilers for book 1.***

“’Just be yourself,’ my mother said, as if that were easy. Which it isn’t. Ever. Especially not when you’re fifteen and don’t know what language you’re going to have to speak at lunch, or what name you’ll have to use next time you do a ‘project’ for extra credit marks. Not when your nickname is ‘the Chameleon.’

Not when you go to a school for spies.”
Cammie has just gone through a disastrous first semester of tenth grade, falling for a local kid caused problems for the security of The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women and now she has to report for a debrief at the CIA. That’s terrifying enough but when Cammie returns to the Academy and finds that an entire wing has been closed off and her mum – the headmistress of Cammie’s super Spy academy – and the other teachers are being very secretive about something called Blackthorne things get even weirder.

Despite it being a while since I read the first Gallagher Girls book I was thrown straight back into the story ith this second one and I loved every second. Things were subtle hinted to just in case you need to be reminded and I was glad that it wasn’t all just thrown in my face. Cross my Heart had all the snark, fun and friendship that appeared in I’d Tell You that I Love You, but with more action than ever before.
I loved this second instalment as much as the first and though I thought the major event ending was a little predictable, the action and the characters that you join during the event really made it worth the read. I was really impressed with the story and there were little twists and turns that I didn’t see coming which was awesome.
I love that Cammie and her friends seem so normal within this series, even though they are really intelligent and spies-in-training. They are just your average teenage girls that worry about their family, boys and class tests. I really love Bex but she didn’t appear as much as I had hoped in this part of the series and I was a bit upset that her part of the story with her parents didn’t get resolved. This book had more about boys in it that the previous one and I really enjoyed the way the girls had to deal with that. They were very realistic – again for spies-in-training that is!
The story needed a little more depth to it to be honest but I did enjoy the way Cammie seemed to grow up a little in this one, she’s starting to understand consequences and ask questions about her father and things like that which really intrigued me. I think the next book needs to answer more questions otherwise this series will get old fast for me. Cross my Heart was very similar to I’d Tell You that I Love you so I expect better things from Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover, its sat waiting for me on my tbr so let’s hope I’m right!
Overall Cross My Heart was a fun addition to this series, I wanted more to happen and hope it will in the next book. I thought it could have been better but I still really enjoyed the story and the great characters. I really wish a school like Gallagher Academy existed and I was a student there and I cant wait to see where the series goes next!
Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy is the second book in the Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter, it was published in August 2010 by Orchard, a Hachette Group imprint. My copy was purchased.


  • Cait

    I love Ally Carter so much!! I definitely felt the first couple of books were a little lighter, a bit more fun and predictable in parts, but never fear they get better and better and better!! I can’t wait for you to read the rest


  • Liz. R

    I loved this book! I agree some more depth would have been nice, but I loved the characters (especially Zach) and the general story. More definitely happens in the next book, I think you’ll really enjoy the rest of the series!

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