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Counting Stars – Keris Stainton

“So. It looks like I’m moving to Liverpool. I know. I can’t wait believe it either. My parents have agreed to let me give it a go. I’ve been offered a fantastic job at the theatre where I did my work experience and the brother of the woman I worked with – hi, Lola! – has a house where I can rent a room.”

Anna is about to embark on the most amazing adventure. She has a job, a house share and a life to envy in the city of culture, Liverpool. Or that is what it would seem, however when Anna takes the plunge and uproots her life, nothing works out as planned. Join her as she works out what to do next and makes mistakes, finds friends and discovers that when life gets you down, its your job to pick it all up.


I love Keris Stainton’s books as much as I love Keris herself! And for the same reasons. They are both awesome, make me laugh and give you a happy feeling whenever they are in your life.

Keris is a friend of mine so I sometimes feel like reviewing her books will come across as biased. I honestly think Counting Stars was the most feel good book I’ve read in a long time though and I read it in no time at all.

The story follows Anna as she embarks on a new life in Liverpool, however all is not how she expected it to be. Her dream job falls through and the world she thought she wears entering into turned out to be different world entirely.

She lands herself a house share with a huge group of friends who met at the local college. They all have their own lives, with Nina having quit college and Alfie working harder than them all. Anna fits in well but sometimes feels out of her depth with these people who appear to have it more together than she does.

The whole book is a reminder of how things can go wrong so quickly and how you need the friends in your life to help you keep it together. Anna could have given up but with the help of her friends she stepped up and made her own way. Her friends all have stressful situations going on but they were able to make it through one way or another. The book explores domestic abuse, dysfunctional family relationships and more, but all in a lighthearted way which makes it easy to read and enjoy.

Anna was a little childish at times and I thought her vlogs were a bit cringeworthy. The entire way through those scenes I thought that the level of detail and the things she talked about was a bit dodgy and it turns out to be the case, but that’s the only part of the book that made me wince. I loved the friendships and the storylines involving her friends so much!

Counting Stars was released in September 2015 by Hot Key Books. My copy was purchased online.

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