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Corpse Talk – Adam Murphy

Join Adam Murphy as he hosts his very own, unique talk show, Corpse Talk, the only show which takes you direct to the voices of the past. Each week Adam digs up the dirt on some of the most famous, and infamous figures from the past. Did you know the secret of Cleopatras irresistible personality? Or why Genghis Khan became obsessed with world domination? Well you can, as Adam talks to their corpses and scoops all the goss! 

What a crazy concept! This book is a collection of comic strips which I believe have run in previous issues of The Phoenix comic, and I must say I fully understand now why that comic seems to do so well with kids because its artists are incredible. 
In Corpse Talk the artist Adam Murphy has his own character who, quite literally, digs up the bodies of well known figures form the past. The first of these in this collection is Amelia Earheart, who you may know doesn’t technically have a body to dig up – but even that is covered in the strip! Each strip gives an insight into the famous people and what they did. Its a fantastic way of teaching kids about important figures from the past because even at 26 I had no idea what some of them actually did to become as well known as they are now, I just knew their names! It also prompted me to want to find out more, find out about what else these figures were known for and why they are famous, and if it does that to me, what will it be like for an inquisitive 8 or 9 year old? 
As with all comics this features imagery which tells as much of the story as the words. I liked the talk show style and really enjoyed that Adam had included shall we say flashbacks, to illustrate what these people did. I loved how the talk show panels showed decaying corpses and the flashback panels showed whichever figure it was as they looked when they were alive, and how most of the strips had brighter panels for the flashbacks, as like a contrast. 
The strips were really interesting and I definitely thing that they will do a lot for teaching kids more about the important figures of our past. I noticed when I started reading that the first few strips were single pages which was a bit annoying as it didn’t allow for a lot of information to be shared with the reader but as the strips go on they get bigger and better in my opinion. I really did enjoy this collection and I think that most younger readers will too, there are also some really cheesy jokes that Im sure a lot of parents will enjoy in there too! 
Corpse Talk is a ‘The Phoenix Presents…’ book which was published by David Fickling Books on 3rd July. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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