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Confessions of An Angry Girl – Louise Rozett

“This, dear reader, is a tale of the hell of high school. Of being dropper into a world where it seems like everyone is speaking a foreign language. Where friends become enemies and enemies become nightmares. Where life suddenly seems like a string of worse-case scenarios from health-class movies.”

Rose is angry, not only has she just started high school, her best friend has suddenly become sex-obsessed and every now and then she bursts into tears. Its got something to do with her dad dying in the summer and something to do with the fact that everything seems to be moving her backwards on the social pecking order, rather than forwards. But mainly its to do with her dad. Until that is, she starts getting friendly with Jamie, gorgeous school badass who happens to be dating one of the cheer-witches. Things start looking up until Rose commits social suicide and aforementioned cheer-witch jumps on her back and refuses to let go. How much can one fourteen year old take before it all becomes too much?

I had heard mixed reviews about this book before I read it. Mainly people didn’t relate to the main character and found her stroppy rather than angry, so I was worried I’d feel the same, but fortunately, for the most part, I didn’t. Rose has issues and they are pretty serious, Confessions of an Angry Girl does a good job of facing those issues and putting a good message across without being too preachy and I liked it for that. 
Rose’s father dies in Iraq – not fighting but working as a contractor – just before the events of the book and to be honest thats why Rose acts the way she does. She’s socially awkward, something I get the feeling she was before her dad’s death which has only gotten worse since, and she’s hurting. She’s so angry at his death that she refuses to acknowledge the hurt, even though she knows its there and when all the bad stuff starts happening at school she focusses on that instead. Her best friend starts putting cheerleading before their friendship, a boy she has no interest in wont take the hint and the boy she does like is messing with her head, and its going out with the biggest witch ever. Even when Rose tries to do the right thing, it goes wrong but I still enjoyed the story because not everything goes right all the time. 
Some people may think Rose comes across as shallow but hell… she’s fourteen, thats pretty young for a YA protagonist and its something that really has to be remembered when reading this book. I liked her for the most part and it was obvious to me that her and her family were still grieving which was causing the biggest problem in her life. Becuase she wasn’t emotionally ready to face that the shallow things became her priority. To be honest I think my lesser liked characters were her best friend, Tracey, and her mother. Her Mother shut herself up so badly that I wouldn’t have lost it with her if she was my own mother and their relationship in the book really wound me up. If I were Rose I would have also ditched Tracey at the beginning of the book, but I’m glad what happened between them did happen. I really liked Robert and he was sweet but kinda selfish and didn’t know when to take no for an answer. I liked Jamie but thought he probably was a little old for Rose and I really liked how mature Michelle was, especially in contrast to all of the other cheerleaders. I hated Regina and wanted to punch her badly… or at least throw the book at the wall! 
Confessions of an Angry Girl really got my emotions running and I got really involved in the book. I felt it did have its let downs and Rose did act quite selfishly and shallow at times but not all the time. One thing I think it did brilliantly though was put across the things that ‘matter’ when your a teen… sex is a major topic in the book and I think it handled it really well. There were things discussed in the book which I would never have expected and they were done in a non-preachy way. I loved Ms. Maso’s sex ed class and the way she was really down to earth with the kids… I wish mine were like that! I also loved the word definitions at the beginning of each chapter and how they related to the story, perfect for a word-nerd like myself! 
Confessions of an Angry Girl is the first in the Confessions series, it will be published by MiraInk on January 4th. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Zoe Crook

    I really want to read this, I have read so many positive reviews. I can see why her anger can be annoying but, like you said, she is 14 and the issues in the book are quite series. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the great review, Raimy! 🙂

  • Katie (Call Me Crazy)

    This is another book I keep seeing around the bookstore and not knowing if I should pick it up. I love that serious topics were discussed in the book in a non-preachy way and that the characters were realistic- like what 14 year old isn’t selfish? Thanks for this awesome review Raimy! 🙂

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