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Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend – Louise Rozett

And just like that, summer is over. 
Symbolically, anyway. 
I’ve been at this party for sixty seconds and already the tyranny of the swim thugs is so suffocating, it’s like I never even had any summer break to detox from freshman year. 
Not that summer can be really considered a break when you spend the whole thing either folding clothes at the Gap on in therapy. With your mother.”

Last year Rose was bullied,the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons and was still coming to terms with her fathers death. Its safe to say her first year at Union High was a disaster. Determined to become an all-new and improved version of herself Rose 2.0 is born and things are looking ok. Jamie is talking to her, Regina is ignoring her and her best friend Tracey is rapidly becoming the person everyone needs to know around school. Everything should be perfect, after all she’s older and smarter now than she was last year. It can’t be too hard to let things carry on the right way, right?

So Confessions of An Angry Girl saw a lot of sadness for our protagonist Rose, she was not in a good place and to be honest it dint even have that much of a happy ending, not compared to many contemporary books. I found some flaws with it and I think thats why I put off reading the sequel for so long, I was worried it would carry those flaws over. Thankfully now I finally got round to reading Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend I can happy say they were ironed out and this book is most definitely better than the first. 
The story starts at a party just before the second year of high school starts. It doesn’t start well, but the main focus of bad things is not on Rose for once, its on a freshman called Conrad. Now Rose tries to ignore it and keep out of things but theres only so much she can handle and she gets roped into the entertainment shall we say. Things for the rest of the year go ok for Rose but what happens at that party, and other things in her life make for a depressing backdrop to all the good things. Rose’s life is still up in the air following the death of her father and I can understand that totally. She doesn’t want her family to move on and hates her mother for being the way she is. Her brothers a bit of a mess and things are confusing with Jamie, thats the ‘Almost Girlfriend’ part. I loved the way the story allowed for some much to be put forward due to Roses background and her relationship with some of the characters and though there was a lot going on in this book I felt that it was balanced out pretty well. The Jamie stuff was spread out, not all impacted into gigantic bits throughout and the stuff with her dad, the therapy session, her brother and her mum weren’t focussed in on too much either. There were self image issues, relationship problems, jealousy and the usual finding of true identity that you often get in teen books, but it was done in a great way. 
Rose really had grown since the last book and I think thats what I liked the most. In places she could be the naive girl we read about in Angry Girl but these were few and far between. Rose was growing up, becoming her true self and actually getting her point across really well. She still had a battle with her mother and some girls at school but her self image really developed in Almost Girlfriend and I loved that. 
The book had a music theme stitched into it’s background, as did Angry Girl from what I remember and this is probably my favourite part of it. I found music at 13/14 and it helped me through some pretty crappy teenage years, and further. I often say I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for music and in some parts of this book that can be said for Rose too. I adored it even though it was such a small part of the book and I really loved the way that Rose’s musical education shaped some of the book. 
I really do think that the Confessions series is a great contemporary read and that a lo of teenagers would benefit from reading it. It has a truthful and realistic view on sex and relationships, it covers serious aspects and not so serious ones and I really like the character development throughout. In other words you should probably just read it! 

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend was published on July 3rd 2013 by MiraInk. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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