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Coming Up For Air – Lou Abercrombie

When Coco moves to the seaside town where her mum grew up, she’s excited to make friends and find out more about the family her mum has kept from her. What she doesn’t expect is to be met with resentment from the community. Whatever secrets her mum’s hiding, they run deep.

But Coco is determined and her love of swimming and natural talent for freediving helps her start to break through with the ocean-loving locals. Until disaster strikes at sea…

As history threatens to repeat itself, will Coco ever be able to undo the age-old rift?


This book was such a mix of emotions for me. I loved it, I loved Coco and I loved the friendships she made. But I hated the fact she was forced to live in a way that no 15 years old should have been forced to live, with a mum who was so floaty and disconnected with her own child’s needs and with a family who weren’t even aware of her. I wanted to scoop her up and bring her home with me as I was reading the book!

The storyline is fantastic and I loved Coco’s determination to bring together the people of Piscary Bay. I also loved the little snippets of internet information that was included as it made the book feel so real and the setting feel like a real place. It also humoured me that the websites could be edited by anyone too and that the adults in the book had just added their own quirks to them.

The teenage characters in this book really stood out for being older than their years and in places that was because they weren’t treated very kindly by those around them. But I’m glad some of the adults were there for Coco and that not all of them that she met were quite so useless as others. My favourite had to be Leo’s grandma. I thought she was amazing.

I grew up in a small village which at the time was full of people who didn’t like any outsiders, so I very much understood the vibe of the book with the locals disliking those who they thought were there just for the summer or a holiday. I think there are a lot of people espeacilly in high tourist areas that hate the way their local area is turned upside down each summer and I think that this book raises that in an intersting way. How its not kind to judge from a locals perspective, but also for those who travel to think about how much distraction that is left behind when they leave a place.

This was a fun book. There was a lot of mixed emotions but I read it quickly and whilst it didn’t blow me away, I still enjoyed it. It’s the perfect summer read, especially for anyone on a road trip in the UK.

Coming Up For Air was published on April 13th by Little Tiger Books. My copy was sent to me for exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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