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Cold Spell – Jackson Pearce

“There were plenty of reasons to love winter. 

Warm fireplaces, stews, Christmastime. In her head she listed everything pleasant about the season, yet she still puled a handmade quilt closer around her body, like a shield that could protect her. 

It rarely snowed here – Atlanta usually settled for a motionless, quiet winter, with the sort of cold that carpet into her bones and was hard to shake. Before Christmas the cold seemed a necessary price for the holiday, the presents, the celebration. Now in January, still months to go till spring, the weather was hateful.”

Ginny and Kai have been in love for as long as Ginny can remember, but Kai’s grandmother always seemed to hate their friendship. On the day of her passing Grandma Dalia warns Kai to stay away from a ‘her’ they both believe to be Ginny. But as the pair start to drift apart and another girl sweeps in to enchant Kai, Ginny can’t help but think there was something else to the warning. As Kai disappears into the mystery surrounding this intoxicating Snow Queen Ginny must remain strong and pursue him. In the face of mortal danger will their love hold strong and will Ginny be able to help banish the demons Grandam Dalia was always so afraid of? 


What an incredible love story, one that really shows that in all honesty, loving someone and doing the right thing for them don’t always go hand in hand.

Cold Spell is the fourth in a series by Jackson Pearce simply called the Fairytale Retellings series. It follows the lost love of a guy enchanted by an evil Snow Queen, who is to become one of her faithful followers. Kai is an aside character, even though it doesn’t feel that way at the beginning of the book. He is the motivation of the main character Ginny throughout but in all honesty this love story is Ginny’s story and hers alone. She is the one who goes on the adventure, she is the one who faces the brunt of the scary stuff that goes down and she is the one who has to find herself within the story, more than she has to find her loved one.

This story shows just how much you need to be your own person and thats what I loved about it. Ginny had seen her mother and father drift apart until they broke and her mother was scared she would do the same but it became apparent to me that the reason they drifted is because her mother didn’t have chance to become her own person before she married her father. Ginny gets that chance because of the events of Cold Spell and it honestly made me adore this book. In addition the lore and the myth and magic linked to this book was fantastic and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved the idea of Mora even if the character put a shiver down my spine and made me hate every second she was on the page.

The best and my most favourite, thing about Cold Spell was its links to the other books in the series. None of the books carry on from one another so even though this is book 4 it doesn’t necessarily follow on from Fathomless. However,s saying that, there are interlocking characters and it is a good idea to read them in the order of the series, I reckon. The links aren’t obvious, or at least they weren’t to me because it has been just under a year and a half since I read the previous book in the series, but once I thought about them and I remembered certain things I realised they were genius. I love the way Jackson Pearce interlocks the stories in this way and think she is damn clever in the way she does it!!

I really am hoping there are more fairytale retellings books on the horizon from Pearce as I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get enough of them. Even though a lot of them focus on love and I’m not a fan of love stories most the time, I really do think they are brilliant. If you are a supernatural YA fan then you really must read these books if you haven’t done so already.

Cold Spell was published on November 6th by Hodder Children’s Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
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  • Jesse Owen

    Aaarrrggghhh how have I missed 2 books in this series. I’m going to have to catch up asap. This sounds brilliant – just the right time of year to read it too!

    Brilliant review 🙂

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