Clubbing – Andi Watson and Josh Howard

Lottie is fun loving, laid back kinda girl. She doesn’t understand why her parents freak out when she gets taken home in the back of a police car after trying to use a fake ID to get into a top Goth club in central London. They send her away to live with her grandparents for the whole of summer; she cant possibly get into trouble on a golf course in the middle of the boring, rainy, Lake District.
I didn’t actually realise Clubbing was a graphic novel when I picked it up in the library. Not even until I got it home and looked it up online. I should of known really cos it does have a picture of Lottie on the front but it also has a picture of real people dancing in a club. Its’ just as well I like graphic novels really though isn’t it?
I loved the drawings in this book, they are really the style that I like to see in my graphic novels, they were eye catching and I really loved Lottie’s kick ass Goth chic look! You could tell she walked with attitude.
Overall Clubbing was a quick quirky read. I loved the characters, they were, well, fun. It took me about 45 minutes from start to finish but it was lacking in the storyline department. You got thrown into Lottie’s life when she was nearly at the train station in the Lakes and then not a lot happened. Then something big happened but was brushed aside then something weird happened. It was all very rushed and I didn’t really like it. I was half expecting to turn the page and see Lottie saying “and then I woke up” cos that’s what the story sounded like to me!
Clubbing is a part of a series of graphic novels called Minx. I believe these were created to get girls into reading graphic novels *rolls eyes*and because of this I think the story was really watered down. I am gunna keep an eye out for any more of these Minx graphic novels and see if the others lack in story as much as this one did, as I say the drawings were made of awesome but if you cant back that up with a good story I ain’t so interested! 


  • Julianne

    I read Clubbing a couple of years ago and it annoyed me so much! The art is okay but the storyline is, as you say, lacking. That something weird is SO WEIRD, it doesn’t make any sense within the story. Plus, although I liked Lottie’s outfits, they were a bit low on fabric for the average day in England, if she was real she’d be freezing!

    I’ve read a few Minx books. The Plain Janes and Janes In Love (reviews on my book blog) had quite good storylines, but the plots of Good as Lily, Re-gifters and Confessions of a Blabbermouth were too random and I wasn’t impressed by the characters. I didn’t have a lot of free time around the time that I read them so I didn’t bother reviewing those three. They all seem to be popular at the library though! I think there are six other books that I haven’t read yet.

  • Darla D

    I’ve been reading through all the Minx books at my library since discovering Re-Gifters, and while there were some things I liked about this one (especially the artwork!), this is my least favorite so far. I hope you will have a chance to try the others. I really liked Confessions of a Blabbermouth and the Plain Janes books.

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