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CJ Skuse’s Dead Romantic Blog Tour: Deleted scene from the second draft

Today I have a special present for you, my dear readers. 
To celebrate the release of Dead Romantic by CJ Skuse, the wonderful CJ has allowed me to share with you guys a deleted scene from the book. 
If you haven’t taken a chance to buy Dead Romantic yet, you really should. My review can be read here and more about CJ and Dead Romantic can be found on the Chicken House website.

The next stop on the tour will be available tomorrow at Lynsey’s blog, Narratively Speaking
This scene is taken from the second draft of the book. According to CJ, at this point in the writing process the girls are attending a private school and Camille was friendless and alone. Zoe was the new girl, with a strange past and in this scene Zoe confronts Camille’s bullies, just because she can. 
Some things are similar to what happens in the final draft but there are definite differences! 

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