Cinder – Marissa Meyer

“The screw through Cinder’s ankle had rusted, the engraved cross marks worn to a mangled circle. Her knuckles ached from forcing the screwdriver into the joint as she struggled to loosen the screw one gritting twist after another.”

Humans and cyborgs live together in the crowded city streets of new Beijing. A deadly plague is making its way around the population and while all this is going on the Lunar people are looking down on Earth, plotting.

Cinder is the lowest of the low, she is a cyborg and that means she is way down in the pecking order and whats worse is her legal guardian hates her. Since her stepfather died it’s just been her, her stepmother and her two sisters. When her nicest sister comes down with the plague and Cinder is blamed her stepmother, Adri, forces her to be a test subject to help find a cure. This puts her in prime position for the handsome Prince Kai to meet her though and when he does it kicks up all kinds of problems for Cinder, especially when tensions heighten between the Prince and the Lunar Queen. Cinder has to delve into the past to find out how she can help stop a war.

I was told Cinder was amazing. I was told I would love it. But the idea of a futuristic sci-fi retelling of Cinderella sounded a bit too far-fetched for me. However when I started seeing all the amazing reviews I knew I had to give it a go and oh boy, I’m so bloody glad I did!!
Cinder grabbed me from the very start, it helped that we are introduced to the beautiful Prince Kai straight away but nevermind! I loved the idea of a cyborg Cinderella and was intrigued about who it would work. Meyer makes this story her own right from the start though by putting the focus on the cyborg part of Cinder rather than the orphan with a wicked stepmother side of her. We are aware that Cinder works as a mechanic and keeps the family afloat but both her sisters aren’t bad and that helps. Then there’s the other aspects of the story, the inter-galactic war and the plague, these elements added something that I loved, they made the story jump out at me and I stopped even thinking about the original Cinderella story!
The flow of this book is just amazing; the way it picks up storylines and stores them away at the back of your mind to be brought up again at a later point is brilliant and never got confusing. I loved the way the story played out and how we were greeted with extra little bits of info here and there. There was one issue I had with this book though and that is that I realised what was going on really early on, it was blatantly obvious and while it didn’t really hurt my feelings towards the book as I was reading it I think it could have been handled a little better.
The characters in this book just really jumped out at you. They felt so real and so present. The Luna Queen was terrifyingly beautiful and Prince Kai, well wow! He was beautiful! Cinder herself was such an interesting character, I never once got bored following her through this journey. I think my favourite characters have to be the doctor and Iko though, I loved the doctor’s depth and his personality, he was such a cool old man and I wanted to hang around with him just to take in his knowledge of the world! He’s awesome! Then Iko, she was everything Id want an android to be, I loved that people thought she had a faulty personality chip because she was so out-there for an android but that’s how I’d want my android to be if I had one! I love it when a books characters come across as so real that you actually shudder when they appear and Cinders Stepmother Adri was one of these characters, I couldn’t believe the way she treated Cinder and how hideous she was, I actually nearly threw my kindle across the room at once point!
I really loved Cinder a lot more than i thought I would, I loved that it was a whole new story even though it’s based on Cinderella, I loved the futuristic elements and even the idea that there are Lunar people on the Moon. The sci-fi bits never got too much for me, even though I don’t ‘do’ sci-fi. I guess there is one more complaint I have for Cinder though, thinking about it, I need more!!!
Cinder was released on January 5th in the UK by Puffin. it is the first in the Lunar Chronicles series. My copy was obtained through Netgalley, thank you to Netgalley and McMillan in the US for allowing me access to the galley.


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