Christmas books!

I love Christmas, I usually get books or something to do with books. This year I got two books from my boyfriend and a £25 voucher from his mum for Waterstones. These are the books I bought with my voucher and the two that Tony got me. I cant wait to read them but I cant read them all at once. I’m reading One Day by David Nicholls at the minute but hoping to throw some of Neil Gaimans Preludes and Nocturnes in too at the same time. The Tolkiens Letter from Father Christmas was a surprise from Tony for Christmas, I had no idea that he’d got me it and it wasn’t even something I can remember telling him I wanted so it was a very very nice shock. The others, Uglies – Scott Westerfeld, Fallen – Lauren Kate, Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater and American Gods – Neil Gaiman, I bought today with the voucher. I still have £5 left and I cant decide whether to get The Hunger Games or Beautiful Creatures… which ever I decide I think I’m going to order today. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and it wasn’t too hectic!

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