children’s names – literary influence

I have recently been thinking about babies names…. don’t get me wrong I ain’t pregnant, or really that broody. I have just been thinking about what people think about naming their kids after characters from books and other places such as that.
I’ve always said that if I have kids I will want to name them after characters in books. This kinda got thrown out when I fell in love with the name Natalia – Tali for short – I’d never read about a Natalia in a book, just knew one for a short while during college. However I then came across two of my favourite books. The Story Sisters and The Uglies series both have characters with similar names to what I want to call my girl if I have one… However if either Natalia from The Story Sisters or Tally from Uglies was an awful character I think I’d throw that name out the window with so many others I’ve thought about over the years (I’m a girl, I’ve been thinking about what to call imaginary children all my life, its one of the only girly things I do!)

Recently I’ve also fallen in love with the name Cloud because of my boyfriends love of Final Fantasy… I’m not that cruel though so Tali’s middle name will be Cloud 😉 I don’t know why, if makes me think of white fluffy summer days in England, cos lets face it we rarely have cloudless days but they are still pretty! The mother in law wasn’t too happy when I mentioned this though!

I’m yet to think of other names (I have my heart set on a girl first :P) but I was wondering what other people thought of it. To be honest, I wouldn’t make it obvious – I bet there were plenty of Bella’s and Edwards the years twilight movies/books came out – I don’t even know whether I’d tell the kids where their names came from until they were old enough to read about the characters themselves and see what they thought. However I was intrigued to know if anyone else out there had called their children or plan to call their children names from books that they’ve loved, and if they have/will told/tell their children from a young age where their name comes from?


  • Clover

    Before I had children I did think it might be nice to name a child after one of my favourite characters from a book (mostly girl’s names – Matilda from the Roald Dahl book, Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web) but when it came down to it, N and I hardly agreed on any names whatsoever that I had to throw out all my ideas from before. Plus we ended up with boys! I did name my Eldest after a character in a movie though.. though I’m sure I won’t be telling HIM that! HA 🙂

  • Beth.

    Jessamy is from a novel!! It’s not even a novel I like that much (The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi) but I loved the name far too much to let it go.
    I’d also like to think I’d be brave enough to call any future sons Atticus, but it so won’t happen!
    Natalia is awesome 😉 x

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