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5 Ways to Celebrate World Book Day at Home

On Thursday 7th March, we will be celebrating the 22nd World Book Day: a registered charity which supplies gift vouchers to schools in the UK to ensure children are able to own their favourite books. 

World Book Day is usually celebrated within schools. Some schools celebrate book characters by encouraging children to dress up as their favourite book characters and often, book-related activities take place in the classroom. 

However, there are ways that we can bring World Book Day from the classroom and celebrate it in the house. Here are just 5 ways in how it can be celebrated at home:

  1. Bedtime Reading

Bedtime reading has always proven great for a number of reasons. Not only does it promote a greater range of vocabulary, but it also helps children gain a better grasp of emotional understanding and general morals. I mean, we all know the story of the hare and the tortoise, right? It also gives you chance to spend some time with your child after a day at the office and school.  

If you’re struggling to find any books that both you and your child will love, then check out Happy Beds’ campaign on the UK’s favourite bedtime stories.  

  1. Book Swaps

Book swaps encourage children to experience new genres, new characters and new scenarios. A lot of children like to read the same books over and over again, but if they have a classmate or friend that recommends a book, then this might make it a little more exciting.

  1. Visit the Local Library

It might be worth checking out the local library to see if they have any World Book Day events during the week – these are more likely to celebrate actual words and books rather than doing something a little more commercialised. 

If there aren’t any events going on, then it might be great to pay the library a visit anyway. This will ensure that, if you’re on a budget, your children will still have access to different books. Remember to return them within the timeframe though or you could get fined!

  1. Host a Fancy-Dress Party

Why not host a fancy-dress party on the weekend? You can invite all of your child’s friends and family members and perhaps have a winner for the best costume. You can ask every child to bring their favourite book with them, and even serve foods that are mentioned in novels – there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest! 

  1. A Book Related Quiz

Nothing encourages reading more than a bit of healthy competition. As a parent, you will know best what books your children have read, so write up a pub-quiz inspired book quiz. There can be a ‘name this character’ round, a quote round and a general knowledge round. This will help them brush up on their book facts!

To see the full, extensive list of the UK’s favourite bedtime books, then click here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post from Happy Beds. Other bed stores are available.

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