Cauldron Spells – CJ Busby

“If Adolphus the dragon had not fallen through the trapdoor and landed head first in Max’s cauldron, then the cauldron would not have ended up severely bent out of shape, and maybe Max’s spells wouldn’t have gone quite so spectacularly wrong. He certainly wouldn’t have needed to go looking for a new cauldron, and that was what saved them all.”
With Spell School nearly upon him Max sets out for Morgana Le Fay’s castle. Having last seen her when he foiled her plan to overthrow King Arthur and claim the throne for herself Max is understandably nervous. Making everything worse is his cauldron, so badly bent out of shape it looks like a jug and is producing bad quality spells. Max and Olivia are on the lookout for a new cauldron they undercover Morgana’s plans for a search of a dragon cave in the forest, where there’s obviously something of great value and something they believe Morgana may be hoping to use to overthrow the King for good. Can they, with a little help from their friends, outwit Morgana for the second time?

This is the second in the Frogspell series and whilst I have taken care not to include spoilers there may be some which creep in, sorry!
I loved Frogspell and thought it was a brilliant story for kids of around 7 or 8. Cauldron Spells picks up not long after Frogspell left off and I was really impressed with how the story carried on!
The characters are just as awesome and fun as they are in the first one and I love that because we know a little bit more about them with it being the second book I could just jump into the friendship group again. I loved the relationship Max and Olivia have with their father which is built up a bit more in this book and I really enjoy Merlin’s input!  I love the bits with snotty and how he’s such a meanie but Max and Olivia always managed to make him look like a fool! Morgana didn’t actually feature as much as I thought she would in this book but I still found her really creepy! I really loved how Olivia’s plans turned out in this book as well and Im really glad for that because I had some sexism rants to go into this review until the last few pages! But I don’t want to give anything away and the end for Olivia redeemed itself!
I loved the illustrations in Frogspell and whilst my copy of Cauldron Spells didn’t have any placed yet they did have the pages marked as to where the images were going to go and I can image what they’ll be. I think the placing of images in this book is really clever and well thought out and I can’t wait to see a finished copy!
All in all I love this series as a quick fun read and think any young kid will love it. I think it hits the nail on the head with a fun adventure that has silly bits to laugh at and girls and boys will both love it!
Cauldron Spells is the second book in the Frogspell series. It will be published on March 1st by Templar. Thank you to the publishers for a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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