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    Some writers need a quiet, distraction-free space to do their best work. Others thrive in busy and bustling environments with plenty of stimulation for new ideas. Whatever you prefer, where you write has a significant impact on what you write. The sad truth about many modern writers is that they’re not off in far flung places indulging their artistic curiosities and exposing themselves to new environments. Instead, they’re stuck at home in the same office that they always write in, staring at a computer screen and tapping on a keyboard where half of the keys have rubbed off. If not that, then they’re at the coffee shop, glugging down ice…

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    Two things about Venus Fly Traps: they like meatballs – and they can do maths. By meatballs, I mean minuscule blobs of mushed bloodworm served, cocktail-style, on the end of a toothpick. By maths, I mean they can count. Fly Traps are triggered by hairs on the inside of their jaws. One brush against those hairs: nothing happens. Two brushes: pow! They snap, but they’re not yet sealed shut. Before beginning the long process of dinner (5 – 12 days), the plant wants evidence that its prey is worth the effort: it wants to feel it struggle. Five tweaks of the guard hairs are needed before the Fly Trap is…

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    When you’re writing something scary, a very useful trick-of-the-plot is what’s called dramatic irony. Actually, lots of different types of plot can use this, you often find it in comedies as well as horror stories! Dramatic irony is any situation in which we, the readers or the audience, know something that the characters in the story don’t. An example in a comedy plot might be: Fred comes home, not realising that the dripping tap in the kitchen has now become a gushing fountain which is starting to fill the room with water. We know it’s gushing, he doesn’t. He potters about, doing this and that, going nowhere near the kitchen.…

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    Today I have Simon Cheshire, author of Red Eye’s latest YA Horror Flesh and Blood on the site talking about the scenes from his life that allowed him to become the horror writer he has. Read on to find out more… Who was it said “the child is father to the man”? Wordsworth, was it? One of those poets with billowing shirts, trudging over moorland, anyway. It’s certainly true that formative influences leave their mark. SCENE ONE: my school friend’s hideout, 1971 Two of my friends from school and I went through a phase of listening to the same vinyl record almost every Saturday afternoon. We’d huddle under a huge…

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    A.J. Grainger, the author of Captive, on her editing process… I am fascinated by how people write, and I love seeing a book change between first and final drafts. I’m hoping you’re interested in this too as that is what this blog piece is about. I am going to show you how one passage of my debut novel, Captive, developed from initial idea to final draft. So … here goes: Initial idea  I had been thinking about writing a kidnap story for a while, but I kept coming up against the same issue − the hostage had to be important enough to be kept alive. One day I was lucky…

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    Hello!Today I am here to announce the winners of the Book Blogger UKYA Awards!Before I do so, however, I just want to send out a quick thank you to every single person who nominated and voted. I also want to take another minute to thank all of the wonderful bloggers who helped out.Faye @ A Daydreamer’s ThoughtsJim @ Ya Yeah YeahCaroline @ Big Book Little BookDaphne @ Winged ReviewsLucy @ Queen of ContemporaryDebbie @ Snuggling on the SofaLuna @ Luna’s Little LibrarySarah @ Feeling FictionalCicely @ Cicely Loves BooksCharli @ To Another WorldFi @ Bookish OutsiderRaimy @ ReadaraptorMichelle @ Much Loved BooksShaila @ Hush Hush RevealingsAndrew @ The Pewter WolfSam…

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    I love trains, and am always up for an epic journey, so here are five people that I would definitely want with me on the voyage. William Cornelius Van Horne The General Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), Van Horne’s job was to make sure the railway got built, pushing it west to meet up with the tracks being built into the mountains from Vancouver. Van Horne’s energy and drive were legendary. He joined survey teams and hefted a sixty pound pack through the wilds of the Rockies. No detail of the railway was too small for him to overlook. He had many and varied interests and hobbies, a restlessly…

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            The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. Only wizards who are over seventeen are allowed to enter – but that doesn’t stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition. Then at Hallowe’en, when the Goblet of Fire makes its selection, Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out. He will face death-defying tasks, Dragons and Dark wizards, but with the help of his best friends, Ron and Hermione, he might just make it through – ALIVE! Jonny Duddle’s facts about the cover design Jonny Duddle, jacket illustrator for the new Harry Potter children’s editions…

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    Hey Guys! Today I am here with VERY exciting news! It is the shortlist of the Book Blogger UKYA Awards! This is the time for YOU to vote for your favourite from the list! Voting is open until September 21st Voting will also be happening a little differently than the nominations. On this blog you will be voting for:  Best Horror, Best Sci-fi/Fantasy, Best Paranormal, Best Adventure And then you will hop along to the next blog to vote for more awards! There are five different awards to jump to (and five/six bloggers hosting each group, but you only need to visit five blogs!). This doesn’t have to happen all at…