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    4 Ways To Prevent Eye Strain While Reading

    Back in the day, parents would complain at their kids for watching too much TV and tell them that they would get square eyes. These days, it’s phone and laptop screens that get the blame for damaging our eyes. Parents are always suggesting that their kids put down the screens and try reading a book instead, but could that be just as damaging?  Pixabay CCO License Even though screens will do more damage to your eyes than a good book will, you can still strain your eyes while reading, so you should be careful. These are the best ways to reduce eye strain while reading.  Read In A Well Lit…

  • Our favourite places to be - bookshops we love in the UK
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    Our favourite places to be – bookshops we love across the UK

    As a book lover, I definitely have my favourite bookshops. This is something that I’m passing on to Spike too. She definitely has her favourites too. This blog post though is a little bit of a love letter to one of our favourites which we have recently discovered will be closing. Its a Waterstones so wouldn’t usually appear on many favourite bookshop lists as they are normally indies. But it appears on ours. 1. Storyteller’s Inc, Lytham St Anne’s Our favourite North West indie is definitely Storyteller’s in Lytham St Annes. This bookshop has the best children’s section, complete with its own little den. There are also great adult books,…

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    F.O.X.E.S by M.A. Bennett Blog Tour

    Today on the blog I have a guest post by M.A. Bennett, author of new book F.O.X.E.S! Answering this awesome question: What you enjoy most about writing a book set in a boarding school I’ve always loved boarding school books. As a kid I read Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers obsessively, then graduated to the more mature Kingscote series by Antonia Forest, possibly the best boarding school books out there. I think I secretly wanted to go to one, because I was at a comprehensive school in rural Yorkshire. My school was very good, but boarding school just seemed so fun and glamorous, and it was easy to dream about escaping…

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    An update on my isolation to be read pile

    So we’ve been in lockdown in the UK for just over 8 weeks, I think. To be honest it could be less – it could be more. I lost track somewhere around week 4. It feels like – in Spike’s words – it’s been at least 91 weeks now. But the good thing to come of it? I smashed my reading list! My Isolation to be read pile  I shared with you this pile of books towards the start of isolation. I started them all, bar Juniper Lemon’s Hapiness Index, after lockdown was announced on March 23rd. I was looking forward to every book on the pile and the extra…

  • Stop writers block with these 4 tips
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    4 creative tips to fight writer’s block

    Every writer knows that times will arise when you hit a creative lull. Writer’s block can occur for any number of reasons; you might be overworked, uninspired, or comparing yourself to others. Whatever the reason may be, the main thing is not to panic, whether you have a deadline or are writing for yourself, breathe and take a look at some of these creative tips.   Read something new   When you’re experiencing writer’s block, it’s a great idea to read something new. Often when we aren’t feeling very creative, all we need is a little inspiration. Have a research online and see if you can find a writer you’ve never heard…

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    Teaching Spike about amazing women this International Women’s Day

    Today is International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with books!  This year we were lucky enough to be gifted some incredible books from Egmont to highlight incredible women. Two for me and two for Spike… And I wanted to share them with you today.  Captain Sparklebeard – Spike’s picture book I knew as soon as I saw Captain Sparklebeard by Tim Knapman and Sam Lloyd that I wanted it for our collection. spoilers ahead! A book about a little girl who wants to eats ape the horrible life she has, who is shunned by pirates for being a girl… yet goes on to become the best…

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    5 Ways to Celebrate World Book Day at Home

    On Thursday 7th March, we will be celebrating the 22nd World Book Day: a registered charity which supplies gift vouchers to schools in the UK to ensure children are able to own their favourite books.  World Book Day is usually celebrated within schools. Some schools celebrate book characters by encouraging children to dress up as their favourite book characters and often, book-related activities take place in the classroom.  However, there are ways that we can bring World Book Day from the classroom and celebrate it in the house. Here are just 5 ways in how it can be celebrated at home: Bedtime Reading Bedtime reading has always proven great for…

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    What happened in 2018 & goals for 2019

    I thought 2017 was pathetic for reading but 2018 was worse. I finished the year having read about 10 YA or non-picture books. I was almost finished I’ll Be Home For Christmas by New Years Eve but I didn’t quite manage it (Finished it on New Years Day instead). But even so… 11 books that aren’t picture books and a Goodreads total of 42 is awful! Not only that, I haven’t been reviewing the booked I have read! I’ve managed 11 blog posts on Readaraptor in 2018, which is ridiculous! I want to start reviewing more and reading more but finding the time is difficult with working full time and…

  • What are your favourite children's book this international children's book day?
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    My top five (six) picture books this #InternationalChildrensBookDay

    Did you know that International Children’s Book Day is today? It’s celebrated on Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday and is designed to “inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children’s books” according to the IBBY website. With this in mind I thought I would share the picture books that are on my favourites list at the minute. These are the books that inspire me and that I want to share the most with Spike as she grows. Moon – Britta Teckentrup This book tells a story about nature and the moon phases across the world.  How the moon changes and how that effects things on the planet. All with…

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    My 2018 reading goals

    So last year was pathetic for reading. Again. I promised myself that reading Spike a bedtime story every night (with duplicates throughout the year) would mean that I read at least one-two new picture books a week, so I set a target of 104 books on goodreads. I hoped that would allow for at least 30 YA books for me to enjoy. I failed that target. I think I managed 8. Which I guess is better than the year before. But still. My goodreads target still wasn’t met though as I kept forgetting to add the picture books to my read list… or couldn’t find them at all. I finished…