BZRK – Michael Grant

“A girl sat just three chairs down from Noah, talking to her hand. To the back of her hand, actually, as she spread her fingers wide. Her fingertips were painted alternately red and gold but not with fingernail polish, and not strictly on the fingernails. Rather, it looked as if she had used a can of spray paint.”

Noah’s brother has gone crazy; he had returned from the army and soon after went insane. Now he just mumbles about nanos and shouts the word “Berserk” at the top of his voice. Sadie’s father and brother have died, in a plane crash that she witnessed with her own eyes. The two of them are lost and confused. Neither of them knows about the global war that is raging under the surface, neither of them knows about the nano – the mircoscopic matrix where invisible armies will determine the future of mankind. Until they are found and recruited to a cause which is for the greater good; they hope.

When I heard about this book I thought it sounded exciting, scary and very tech-y but I wanted to read it… then I started it, and wanted to give up not long into it!
I’m not going to lie, BZRK is a great story but by the time I finished it I couldn’t believe I’d actually kept with it for so long! I wanted to give up after 50 pages and was told by Kirsty over at overflowing library to keep going… I wanted to give in at 150 page but by then I’d got too involved in the story that I needed to know what had happened… by the time I got to 350 pages in I was beginning to think it wasn’t worth getting to the end… but still I went on… and below you will find my reasons why.
The story and idea behind BZRK is amazing. There’s a war going on with two sides fighting a battle that normal everyday people can’t see but are involved in. The BZRK guys are fighting against those at AFGC and their using similar technology… tiny nanos and Biots that travel into people’s brains through their eyes and ears. I loved the ideas of it all! It was exciting and interesting and I would love to see it transformed onto the big screen because I think a lot of people would enjoy it.
Then we have amazing characters. Wilkes was by far my favourite but Vincent, Noah, Sadie and Ophelia were brilliant. They are all members of BZRK and the guys in AFGC were just as brilliantly portrayed but were obviously the bad guys and you picked up on that… I kinda liked Sugar, but Twofer and Bug Man were awful and I really hated them.
Besides the bits I loved I got so confused by the technology that I found myself reading full pages over and over until I took everything in. It took me days to read this book and it was a terribly slow read. It was kind of worth it because it got my blood pumping in the way an amazing book does, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who’s reading habits weren’t fully laid out in front of me. It’s not one I’d suggest out of the blue to someone at all… and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone under 15 unless I knew their reading age was well advanced.
I also didn’t like the cultural references in this book. There were very present cultural references like Facebook and certain music personalities mentioned which I think deferred my enjoyment of the story. I couldn’t set the story into present life… I could see it based around 20-30 years in the future so the cultural references put me off a bit…
Anyway… I know this review will sound very negative but it wasn’t all bad.. I’m glad I stuck with the book and saw it through to the end but I didn’t love it, I perhaps would have if things were a bit more outlined and separated but the way it was written confused me and that really effected my enjoyment of the book.
BZRK is a new book from the author of the well-known “Gone” series. It is published by Egmont’s new YA imprint Electric Monkey and will be available from February 28th. Thank you to the publishers for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.  


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