Burn Mark Blog Tour: Who is Lucas? by Laura Powell

Today I have the lovely Laura Powell on the blog telling us more about Lucas, one of the main characters form her new book Burn Mark. I’ll let Laura tell you more…


Lucas Stearne comes from a long line of famous witch-hunters. His father is Chief Prosecutor for the Inquisition, and Lucas has grown up expecting to follow his dad’s prestigious career. In this version of modern Britain, licensed witches are employed by the government, but illegal ones are hunted down and publicly burned.
Lucas’s mother was murdered by a witch-terrorist, and though he takes a seemingly “politically correct”, liberal view of witches, he still thinks they’re subhuman. (Witchwork usually runs in families, and while some regard it as a blessing, most think of it as an embarrassing disability.) He’s charming, rich, popular and used to having things his own way. In fact, he’s the kind of boy I was hopelessly intimidated by when I was fifteen! But when, against all the odds, Lucas turns into a witch himself, his world is shattered.

Desperate to prove himself, he joins the witchkind division of the Secret Service, and is sent on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate London’s most infamous criminal gang: the Wednesday Coven. But it’s not just mobsters and corrupt inquisitors he’s struggling against. Although Lucas begins to feel the thrill of his powers, he can’t help thinking it’s not a gift, but a curse.


Thanks for this Laura! If this bio about Lucas doesn’t get you intrigued by Burn Mark I don’t know what will! You can check out more about the book here and find out more about Laura via her website, and follow her on twitter and Facebook


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