Bumped – Megan McCafferty

“I’m sixteen. Pregnant. And the most important person on the planet.
According to the Babiez R U ad, anyway.”
Melody and Harmony are identical twin sisters but they couldn’t be much more different. Growing up in a world where most people over the age of 18 are infertile, Melody was brought up with two highly intelligent professors from Princeton University who knew that the future was commercial pregnancy years before anyone else and made sure their daughter was one of the first. Harmony on the other hand has been brought up as a part of the church; Marrying between 13 and 16 they stay with their spouses for life and bring up the children which are born during those first few years of marriage.
But when Harmony turns up on Melody’s doorstep their lives are thrown together and with Harmony certain that her cause is to save Melody from her fate, who knows what the consequences may be!

I’m not gunna lie, Bumped leaves you with so many thoughts and feelings buzzing round your head that it’s hard to even think straight whilst writing this review! It’s going to be a difficult one to review and I hope that this isn’t as crazy as I fear it may be!
First of all; I could not put bumped down. Not at all. I whizzed through it like a madman and reading 323 pages all in three sittings over a workday is totally crazy to me! But I was just so intrigued, I had to know what was coming next, I had to get to the next part of the story. And then it ran out! I know this is a sequel but damnit, the second one better come soon because I honestly don’t think I can wait for it!
I know a lot of people have had issues with the slang in this book but it was never a problem to me. I read Uglies which has a fair bit of slang and this just reminded me of that. I soon picked up on the words and realised what they were meant to mean so that didn’t put me off. I was most put off with the glorification of teen pregnancy and the limitations enforced by the church. The teen pregnancy thing was interesting to me… It was off-putting but I could see why it had come about and in a world where teenagers need to get pregnant so the human race survives I understood it. I just think it could have been a little less in your face. I couldn’t believe that they had “fun-bumps” which you can go in to a shop and try on; or even buy! That seemed crazy to me, it was wrong to think of three 13 year old girls wanting to walk around with bumps! But this was nothing compared to Harmony’s church views;  I really couldn’t stand all the limitations enforced by her church, the idea that she was betrothed to someone she didn’t even love! It was craziness and I know that you have to take whaat you get in some situations but they expected her to live with someone for the rest of her life who shes didn’t love and didn’t want to be with! Its no wonder she ran off to Melody really is it?!
I hated how naive both characters were. I honestly don’t think that this book promotes women in anyway and I think that was a major issue for me. Both Melody and Harmony were complete pushovers and the only strong character that I loved was Zen. We got a strong female character in Ventura but youre meant to hate her. I really do think this book was lacking in good characters but I also think that towards the end both girls seemed to get some balls, kinda, and will hopefully be better in the sequel.
I really am confused about this one because I love the story and the way it’s written. I think it flows really well, though if you don’t take notice of the names on the chapter changes, it’s a first person split narrative, then it can get a tad confusing sometimes! It really is a brilliant idea for a dystopian and I loved it but I think this might be a series which grows into itself and if what I believe about the characters is true then I think we are in line for a fantastic second book out of this series! I don’t know where the story’s going to take us exactly but with the character development in the first book, I’m confident the second can only be better!
I honestly don’t thin any review can do justice for waht this book makes you think about. Its crazy and mind-blowing but at the same time not. It really is hard to explain my feelings about it but I would honestly say read it, because you have to experience this one for yourself!
Bumped is Megan McCafferty’s first venture into dystopian fiction which follows her Jessica Darling contemporary series. It is widely available in the US and is due for realese in the UK on Thursday, 4thAugust. My copy was kindly sent to me as a part of a tour from UK Book Tours, Thanks Carly!


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