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Broken Illusions – Ellie James

“Everyone dreams. Some see color. Others experience only black and white. Some laugh, and some cry. Some run and hide, while others play and dance. Some return over and over again. Others never go back. Very few remember. 
They are the lucky ones.”

Its Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Following an awful ordeal four months ago Trinity is finally starting to feel normal and comfortable in her new life. Until another girl goes missing. This time Trinity isn’t seeing as much and the girl is telling her to stay away. But Trinity can’t stay away, otherwise she knows this girl will die. Trinity has to risk everything, her friends, family and boyfriend, to find this girl and lay this new nightmare to rest. 

Broken Illusions picks up just four months after its predecessor, Shattered Dreams, left off. Things are still crazy but its getting back to normal and Trinity has started to love her new life. When things start going wrong its not surprising but that same rush of adrenaline that I got from Shattered Dreams overcame me and I enjoyed it. 
Theres more to Broken Illusions than just Trinity’s ‘gift’ and I really enjoyed that. Theres Trinity’s personal life, her relationship with her Aunt, her Aunt as a character and Trinity’s family’s past. I really loved all that though to be honest I felt like that overcrowded the plot in places. Most of what I picked up from Broken Illusions wasn’t to do with the girl who went missing and Trinity’s gift until the end and that upset me a little. The end is the best, and worst, part of the book. There was more in the last 60 pages that I loved that in the other 260, but thats not to say I hated it… I didn’t, it just wasn’t as good as the first book.
The characters develop more but I don’t like love triangles and that was more prominent with Trinity, Chase and Dylan in this book. The triangle is resolved in a way at the end so I’m not worried about it for the next book but I thought Trinity was kinda selfish with it and with other things so she bugged me a little bit. Victoria also bugged me and acted like a stroppy young teen in many parts of the books and as usual Amber was a bitch. Broken Illusions isn’t great at the role model aspects for its female characters and that bugged me. I loved Aunt Sara but then I didn’t when part of the plot transpired. The male characters came across as a little stalkerish too so it’s not brilliant when it comes to characters. 
I think again the main thing I enjoyed with Broken Illusions was the fact that I needed to know what was happening, but it wasn’t as urgent as the first book. The storyline of the third book will be what keeps me attached to this series so I don’t know at the minute if I will carry it on as it definitely sounds more romantic than plot based from the US synopsis… 
Overall so far this series is ok, its average. I wouldn’t rave about it and to be honest this second book lets it down. I really enjoyed the crime aspects of the first book and that part of this one didn’t really kick greatly until the end, but maybe I’m being a little harsh and a re-read of the first two books will be in order when the third comes out. 
Broken Illusions is the second in the Midnight Dragonfly series and will be published on January 3rd by Quercus. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. 

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