British Books Challenge 2015

So every year I join challenges and every year I forget about them. I am ashamed to admit to this but it is the truth and I should face it.

I am determined to make 2015 better but I know that with a stupid amount of personal stuff expected to happen next year I am inclined to say that it will fail once again. I will still give it a try though and I will try it by just completing one challenge, my favourite challenge – the British Books Challenge.

The British Books challenge as hosted by Clover at Fluttering Butterflies

This challenge, hosted by the lovely Clover at Fluttering Butterflies, involves reading at least 12 books during the year by a British author. Usually this would equate to one a month but I’m going to hold my hands up and say its likely that the middle of next year may not result in any reading for me so I will be trying to read a few a month for the first couple of months and catch up later in the year if I need to.



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